Enon Co. 6 celebrates with their community

Protect your family from fire was the theme this year for National Fire Prevention Week, observed October 9-15. Several area fire houses observed the week with open houses, inviting citizens to learn more about making their homes safer from fire and a chance to meet the first responders from their community and see the types of equipment they use.

Enon Co. 6, an all-volunteer fire and EMS station, kicked off the week last Saturday with a grand celebration for their open house as a thank you to the community for their support.  The  entertainment and inflatables for the kids were a big draw as well as the food and opportunity to learn more about fire safety and ways to get involved with fire prevention activities.  

Chief Bruce Vecchinoni, a retired safety officer and volunteer said, “We do this every year as a pay back to the community for their support and to help them learn about fire safety. We  had over 200 kids and adults attend last year.”

Enon Co. 6 was established in 1949.  Chief Vecchinoni joined as a volunteer in 1970.  “We have 35 volunteers and six in recruitment school,” he said.  “We also have 26 associate members which is the business end of the group.  Our associate members are the backbone of our group.  We couldn’t do what we do without them.”

If one is curious about the prominence of their mascot, which is an alligator, the story goes like this:  Before Enon was developed in the early days, Chester Co. 1 fire station would come to help Enon Co. 6, especially when fighting brush fires.  Enon was very swampy and still is in certain areas.  The Chester fire fighters would always get stuck in the mud, and the legend became, “You don’t want to go to Enon because the alligators will get you in the swamp.”   From that, the alligator became their mascot.


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