Max and shelf life

Hello and welcome back to the wonderful world of the Dogpound where food is becoming more of an issue every day.  The other day we had a vendor in for a “working” lunch and we brought in Subway sandwiches along with their big cookies for dessert.  I have been trying to be a good boy and slow down on my eating habits a bit, but I gave into their peanut butter cookies (my favorite)…not once but twice.  So around supper time that evening, feeling a little bit guilty about falling off the wagon, I decided I needed something light and cool to make up for my indulgence.  I remembered that I had some yogurt/fruit cups in the bottom of my refrigerator, and that would be just the thing to eat while sitting on the deck enjoying the afternoon weather.  Now I knew they had been there a while, so I did a quick sniff test and I could not smell anything out of the unusual; however, the first bite seemed a bit off in flavor, and the second bite seemed to have a bit of a vinegary taste to it.  With the red flags starting to pop up I decided I better dig the carton out of the fridge and locate the “use by” date.  The first thing I noticed when I pulled out the carton, that this was the “light” version and they generally do not have the flavor of the full-fledged thing…so maybe I was just being overly cautious??  Anyway, I finally found the “use by” markings on the box…it said use by August… August 2010!! Oh my!  Being a guy and being brought up in a household environment where I was told there were thousands of Chinese children going hungry every night, so I better clean my plate, I was tempted but decided it was best to trash the carton and substitute ice cream in its place.   Hey!  At least I tried.

“Food for thought is no substitute for the real thing.”  
– Walt Kelly


  • One way to beat the competition:  Houston, Texas, police officer Mike Hamby 51, while competing in a rodeo cooking contest, tossed a gas grenade into a group of rivals.  The judges said their food brought tears to their eyes. lol
  • “I am getting faster at 95. After I hit my tee shot, it doesn’t take as long to walk to my ball.” – Bob Hope
  • “I am getting pretty good...I can hit the ball about as far as I can throw my clubs.” – Bot Ettinger
  • “Give me my golf clubs, fresh air, and a beautiful partner, and you can keep the golf clubs and the fresh air.” – Jack Benny

I think that is enough for this sitting.  As always be good, play nicely, and remember if it smells fishy it just might be a fish.  

JR and Max


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