10-year-old helps catch car thief

A Chester family was able to retrieve their stolen vehicle two weeks ago because a 10-year-old girl was just paying attention to her surroundings.

The Wall family first heard their 2002 Jeep Cherokee was stolen from a service station on Wednesday, Aug. 24. After calling the office to check on the process early that morning, Brad Wall, the owner of the Cherokee, then received a phone call from the office asking if he had taken it – which he had not.  

Concluding the vehicle had been stolen from outside the station’s garage, local law officials were called in, and a police report was filed.

Six days later, Krissy Carr, a friend of Wall’s daughter, Erica, noticed the vehicle parked outside a local 7-Eleven while she was out getting ice cream with her father, Kristopher, the night of Tuesday, Aug. 30. She then phoned the Walls to tell them about what she had seen.

“I knew it was stolen so I was looking out to make sure that I would see it,” said Krissy Carr, a fifth-grader at Curtis Elementary.

After some hesitancy on the part of both fathers, the two men spoke and concluded it was in fact the same jeep stolen during the previous week. Wall said he was in “disbelief” upon hearing that young Krissy had spotted the stolen Cherokee; the license plate, which read “B1GWall,” was the key indicator for all parties.

Not calling the police until he was sure, Wall left hisr home and kept on the phone with Krissy’s father until they knew it was time to contact the Virginia State Police. After following the vehicle on Interstate 95, then onto Interstate 64, the families stayed on the phone with police dispatchers until they were able to direct on-duty law officials to the location of the moving car.

From a distance, the family saw an unmarked car cut off the Cherokee, and then undercover police ultimately apprehended the perpetrator who tried in vain to flee the scene.
“I didn’t believe it at first. For a whole week the guy was driving around, and no one saw it or called it in,” Wall said. “She had enough knowledge to see it, realize it, and then do what was right.”

The Cherokee was returned to the Walls with only a small amount of damage.

At the conclusion of the ordeal, Krissy was rewarded with a milkshake and a sea of praise for her deed. “It feels really good,” she said. “I feel like a hero.”


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