Police blotter

Jefferson Davis Hwy  8/20  Americana Trailer Park.  Suspect was being questioned about trespassing on the listed property when officers discovered a fire burning at that location.  Subject was subsequently arrested for starting the fire.

Russell Rd  8/19  Bellwood Manor.  Property removed from victim’s residence.  No signs of forced entry.

Church Rd  8/20  Known suspect unhinged the locked door to the victims’ bedroom to enter the room.

Hopkins Rd  8/20  Entry to residence gained by breaking the glass in the rear sliding doors.  Once inside, suspects ransacked the home, damaging much of the victims’ property.  Doors on both sheds were found open also.

Jefferson Davis Hwy  8/20  Holiday Trailer Park.  Known suspects forced entry into victim’s trailer by pushing in  window A/C unit.

Second Ave  6/1  Swearingen Realty.  Window A/C  removed from a vacant apartment.

W Hundred Rd  8/19  Uppy’s.  Front door to business kicked in, damaging the door jamb.

Dalebrook Dr  8/21  Entry attempted to the residence by breaking the glass in a kitchen window.  The screen had been removed from an adjacent window also.

Birds Eye Tr  8/18  Pheasant Run.  Pry marks found on the shed doors, no entry gained.  A locked 2007 Chevrolet SUV, parked in the driveway, was entered and the listed property taken.

Camberwell Rd  8/22  South Pointe Landing Apts.  Property removed from numerous vehicles in the apartment complex.  Officers located the suspects vehicle, taking the suspects into custody.

Jefferson Davis Hwy  7/7  Property removed from victim’s unlocked vehicle.

Black Gum Tr  8/19  Ashley Forest.  Property removed from unlocked gray Honda Civic.

Falling Creek Cr  8/18  Amphill Heights.  Tags removed from victim’s 1995 Subaru station wagon.

Courthouse Rd  8/20  School Board Transportation.  Suspect observed siphoning gas from a vehicle parked at listed location.

Jefferson Davis Hwy  8/19  Tags to victim’s work step-van stolen while parked at the listed location.

Enon Oaks Ln  8/20  Enon Oaks.  Rear license plate stolen off of victim’s 1998 Honda Accord.

Goolsby Ave  8/20  Heritage Court Apts.  Inoperable scooter stolen from the area in front of victim’s apartment.

Jefferson Davis Hwy  8/19  Car Stop.  Armed and masked suspect ordered the clerks to open both registers.  Prior to leaving the store, the suspect also took cash from a customer.

Pine Grove Ave 8/13  Brookside.  Entry was gained through victim’s unlocked sliding glass door.  The listed property was reported stolen.

Dunnottar Dr  8/21  Highlands.  Victim reported his unlocked silver 2007 Toyota Tacoma was entered and the listed property was reported stolen.

Seamist Rd  8/22 Somerset.  Suspect observed reaching inside victim’s unlocked vehicle.  The listed property was reported stolen.

Golden Garden Cr  8/22  Chesterfield Garden Apts.  Unknown suspect observed attempting to look in the victim’s apartment.  Suspect hid behind bushes then fled the area.

Belfield Rd  8/9  Brentwood.  Complainant reported copper pipes were stolen from underneath his vacant property.

Hilmar Dr  8/23  Hilmar.  White 2003 Dodge was entered and at the time nothing has been reported stolen.

Statute St   8/22  Courthouse Green Apts.  Unlocked 1996 Nissan Maxima was entered and the listed property reported stolen.

Privet Dr  8/20  Treemont.   Unlocked 2001 GMC Sonoma was entered and the listed property reported stolen.

Walthall Crest Ct  8/22 Walthall Mill.  Unlocked white 2010 Toyota Tacoma was entered and the listed property was reported stolen.

Husting Ct  8/24  Courthouse Green South.  Property removed from unlocked garage.

Willis Rd  8/24  Sleep Inn Motel.  Passenger window on 2006 Ford Econoline van broken out.  No items reported missing.

Pams Ave  8/24  Super 8 Motel.  Property removed from unlocked vehicle.


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