Countdown to school

The Lashley house is now less than two weeks away from some major changes.  As you all know the boy will be starting kindergarten in a matter of days, and our precious flower will begin her own exciting adventures at the Goddard School soon after.  And now for the big announcement … I have quit my full-time job cleaning little ones teeth day in and day out in Richmond and will be tending the home and hearth.  Yes folks, big changes are happening and we are all excited.

When we received the heartbreaking news last September that our beloved Meme was retiring, I went into panic mode (as you all may remember).  I immediately began researching daycares that could take care of the little one all day and the boy before and after school.  As I went from site to site on the Internet, I made countless phone calls and personal visits to the actual centers – my blood pressure was on the rise.  How in the world were we going to afford this?

The cost was the main issue; I was used to only paying peanuts for the absolute best care in the world given by our dear Meme. Now it was Rolls Royce pay for a quality of care that I wasn’t so sure about.  I visited numerous centers only to literally be in tears when I left because I absolutely knew that I could not and would not leave my children there.  Finally I made a mad dash to the Goddard School because I had heard so many wonderful things about them and had met the owners at a carnival at the school a year before.  I had hesitated going there because of cost.  As I swerved into the parking lot (literally running from another daycare center, seriously) it was like fate stepped in because before my eyes was Stephen Graham, the owner.  After the tour and many countless visits and phone calls (I can honestly say they probably cringe when they see my number on caller ID and I apologize Goddard!), we have been extremely happy there all summer.

When it comes to childcare, I have noticed that they all tend to run about the same: very expensive!  I don’t know how people with more than two children do it; it’s more than our mortgage with two children, one full time and one after school. You have to look at it as being worth the price knowing that they are safe, happy and getting what they need, and unfortunately many parents have to make this decision every day – and believe me it is an extremely hard choice to make.

So on to the big decision that we made. I quit my full-time job of four years to help save money on childcare. In today’s world it was more practical for me to be home, pick up some part-time work with flexible hours and be home most of the week.  I am able to put the boy on the bus in the morning, and be home when he gets off in the afternoon.  The little one will be at Goddard three mornings a week for some social interaction with children her own age while I get some work done, and the rest of the time I will be saving money by not driving back and forth to Richmond everyday, not paying my EZ Pass every month and, oh yeah, not having to pay for my second mortgage otherwise known as daycare!

We are all very excited and I admit I am a little anxious about all of the new changes coming our way.  It will be different not going to work everyday, we will have to manage our money differently (tight, tight), but I can say the boy is very excited that Mommy will be home more and daily asks, “How many more days do you work at the dentist Mommy?” and that makes it all worth it to me.  As parents we all have to make tough decisions, and this was one of them, many anxious nights were spent thinking this through, me the husband and the calculator at the kitchen table.  But that’s how you work through things, as a family, and that’s how we are going to take on these new challenges, together.  


Count down to school

Gena, you have just made one of the most important
decision that will have lasting benefits for your family.
Ben and Lily are worth the sacrifice you and Brian are
making. I am proud of you and Brian.

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