Chester McDonald’s in process of rebuilding

The golden arches of  McDonald’s on Jefferson Davis Highway in Chester haven’t been lighting up lately– that’s because the fast-food restaurant is currently undergoing demolition to construct a new building with additional seating and an extended parking lot with 20-25 more parking spaces. It officially closed last Wednesday, Aug. 3.

“McDonald’s is going through a nation-wide program of freshening up and rebuilding older restaurants,” said the location’s co-owner Jack Pollard. “And mine’s 37 years old, and I made the election to go ahead and tear it down and put a new one there.”

Pollard, a Midlothian resident, first purchased the Chester McDonald’s in 1997 and currently shares the ownership of the Chester and Chesterfield Courthouse locations with his son Jon. The idea to reconstruct was conceived a year ago, he said.

Currently, the Chester site’s parking lot is being torn up, the actual building to be “knocked down” any day now, according to Pollard.

And as for the workers who previously worked at the Chester McDonald’s, Pollard said they are taken care of and are expected to return once the new building is completed in early November of this year.

“Most of our workers, I found them places at other McDonald’s. Some of our other managers went to other McDonald’s and many are also with me [at the Courthouse location,]” he said. “And crew people are the same way … so they’re not losing any time for being closed three months. They can work anywhere they want to, and when they come back, it will be like they never left.”

Also, the Iron Bridge location will soon to be running 24 hours a day, allowing the influx of workers to accumulate their normal work hours.


McDonalds in Chester

Really? That's it? I believe that if you dug deeper this story could have been much better and more interesting.

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