Dauber Dash

They dived, rolled, and crawled through the 20-foot mud pit ending the seven-obstacle novelty five-mile run tagged as “a dirty dash through the past” held at Henricus Historical Park. Over 500 runners registered for Saturday’s event, the Henricus Dauber Dash, sponsored by Sports Backers and Chesterfield County Parks and Recreation to benefit the Henricus Foundation. The dash will help provide funding for the maintenance and educational programs at Henricus Historical Park.


Thirty-seven youngsters signed up for the Kids Run, a shorter course of their own with obstacles where they finished crawling through the same mud pit as the adults. This Mud Guppies event introduced the fun of Henricus to kids and their families. The Mud Guppies race followed the adult race at 11 a.m.


Runners ran through the Dutch Gap Conservation area and the Citie of Henricus allowed for scenic and historic views. The seven obstacles included a wall of hay bales called The Wattle Wall, two army crawls tagged the Vulture Scuttle and the Graveyard Crawl, a run through the lagoon called the Lagoon Lap, a hill climb called Henricus Hill, a muck through the channel called Cypress Point Sink Hole, followed by another Wattle Wall, ending with the mud pit known as Buttercup’s Mud Pit, named for the pig residing at the Citie.


Folks came from northern and eastern Virginia, many from Richmond; a pair of travelers from Wisconsin and England, and several from Chester. Flash Gordon, Spider-Man, and Catwoman were decked-out for the run along with the Dauber Divas, the Mud Daubers, and the Mud Fairies. The race was all about fun.


“Today, people are running just because. I love the history/run combination,” said Paul Tubach Jr., executive director for Henricus Historical Park. “Our early ancestors came over running from something and to something. Today, in America, we have the privilege to just run.” Many of the runners and their families were first time visitors to the park and took in the sights of the historic Citie of Henricus after the race.


Sports Backers plans to return next year for the second annual Henricus Dauber Dash.


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