Political season begins: McCarney challenges Jaeckle in August 23 Bermuda primary

Jaeckle for Supervisor
Dorothy Jaeckle, Bermuda District Representative and Vice Chair of the Chesterfield County Board of Supervisors, is seeking the Republican nomination for re-election as Bermuda Supervisor.  Ms. Jaeckle also serves the citizens of Chesterfield County as Vice Chair of the Crater Regional Planning District Commission Executive Committee and as a member of the Social Services Board, School Board Liaison Committee, Richmond Regional Planning District Commission, Crater MPO, Virginia Gateway Region Board, Henricus Foundation, and Sportsbackers Board.

Her long history of service to the community includes School Board liaison, Vice President the Chesterfield County Council of PTAs, and parent representative on the School Improvement Teams at Curtis and Thomas Dale. She served 12 years on the Chesterfield County Futures Committee.  She was appointed by the Speaker of the House to the Senate Joint Resolution Commission on Educational Responsibility, and by the Governor to the Advisory Council on the Virginia Business-Education Partnership from 1996 to 2003. Governor Allen appointed her to the State Department of Education Advisory Board for Teacher Education and Licensure. She also served for six years on the Chester Recreation Association Board of Directors.

Ms. Jaeckle believes that public safety is a core function of local government and will continue to spend time in the county courts and working with police and EMS leadership to ensure safe neighborhoods. She continues to work with the police Multi-family Unit Division to support apartment managers’ efforts to reduce crime.  This year she became the first supervisor to graduate from the 10-week Police Citizens Academy in her effort to better understand police operations. Since she took office, despite an economic downturn, she worked successfully to reduce the percentage of aged fire apparatus from 26 percent to less than 2 percent.  Ms. Jaeckle also works closely with building inspection personnel to ensure apartment complexes meet code.  She also works to partner community and church groups to support families in need. 

Ms. Jaeckle will continue her work with businesses to create jobs, ensure needed regulations are not burdensome, and prioritize infrastructure projects to enhance economic development.  One of Ms. Jaeckle’s major achievements was to expedite the construction to widen Route 10 and build an interchange at Meadowville.  She spearheaded the efforts with the Board of Supervisors, county staff, and state and federal legislators to obtain funding for these projects, which are now well under way.  Ms. Jaeckle has also worked with the planning and zoning departments to improve Chesterfield County’s business atmosphere.  She has worked with county staff and small businesses such as Sibley’s Restaurant to cut through the bureaucracy and lessen the expense to meet regulations.  She has worked with the businesses and county planning personnel to bring our fees in line with other localities.  In February 2011, she received the Chester Business Association’s “Business of the Month” award “in appreciation of her dedication, enthusiasm, cooperation and hard work.” 

Jaeckle will continue to work with school personnel to fulfill the expectation that students graduating from Chesterfield County public schools will have the proper language, math skills and work ethic to be successful in any endeavor.  She continues to volunteer on a regular basis at Thomas Dale High School in order to stay in touch with the schools. 

McCarney for Supervisor
Chris McCarney receives overwhelming community support as he challenges incumbent Supervisor Dorothy Jaeckle.

Chris McCarney, band director of Manchester High School, has announced his candidacy for the Republican nomination for Bermuda District Supervisor today.  McCarney collected almost 250 signatures from local residents in his effort to secure the Republican nomination. “After a long process of talking with friends, family, and citizens of the Bermuda District, I have decided to run for the Board of Supervisors because I believe Bermuda needs real leadership on the Board,” McCarney said. “Our current Board member has consistently been anti-business and has consistently allowed her personal opinions to affect her decisions on the Board.”  

McCarney noted that he would work to keep taxes low, improve our K-12 education, strengthen our public safety, and pursue smart growth for the county. “We should work tirelessly to ensure that the environment here in Chesterfield promotes business growth and continued success for our entire community,” stated McCarney.
McCarney has been a teacher in Chesterfield County for 16 years. He was appointed by Governor Bob McDonnell to serve on the Open Education Curriculum Board. McCarney has an undergraduate degree from East Carolina University in music and two advanced degrees from George Washington University. He is also a dedicated father and husband.

McCarney noted that over the last few years there has been a serious rift between certain members on the Board of Supervisors and the School Board. “I believe I have the unique ability coming from an education background to positively affect those relationships and partner with the School Board for the best possible outcomes for our children,” said McCarney.

He cites his ability to work across the aisle and his dedication to education as major advantages to serving on the Board of Supervisors. Chris also noted that he has tremendous support from the business community who feels some displeasure with the current Supervisor over numerous decisions she has made in the last four years which were anti-business. McCarney states, “I will work with the business community to provide real leadership for Bermuda on a host of issues, and will make sound decisions based on citizen input and proper oversight.”  McCarney said he had deep dismay in the current supervisor’s comments regarding students attending Virginia State University as quoted “an element.”

McCarney also referenced Jaeckle’s un-yielding support for the $4.3 million in County funds for the multi-million dollar Sports Quest facility despite serious concerns from hundreds of residents involved in the five major Chesterfield soccer leagues. “She wouldn’t even hear their concerns and defer the vote for 30 days. There was such a rush to judgment that in my opinion negatively affected the families whose children are already dedicated to public soccer programs. Under my leadership, citizens will have a real voice on the Board to air their concerns!”

For more information about McCarney's campaign, check out Facebook at Chris McCarney for Supervisor.


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