Redistricting voting precinct changes

An ordinance is creating three new voting precincts, shifting portions of four voting precincts from one precinct to another and changing the polling place of one voting precinct. Specifically, the ordinance would:
1) in Clover Hill, create a new Edgewater Precinct from the western portion of Brandermill Precinct.
2) in Clover Hill, create a new Evergreen West Precinct from the western portion of Evergreen Precinct.
3) in Midlothian, create a new Roseland Precinct from the southern portion of Midlothian Precinct.
4) in Dale, shift the northwest corner of Chippenham Precinct into Southside Precinct.
5) in Matoaca, shift the southern portion of Bailey Bridge Precinct into Beach Precinct.
6) in Midlothian, shift the western portion of Davis Precinct into Beaufont Precinct.
7) in Midlothian, shift a portion of western Midlothian Precinct into Belgrade Precinct.
8) in Clover Hill, change the polling place for Manchester Precinct from Manchester Middle School to Creekwood Recreation Center.


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