Drive to Arrive campaign began Memorial Day

The Memorial Day holiday marked the official start of the Chesterfield County Police Department’s high-intensity summer traffic safety enforcement campaign, Drive to Arrive.  County Police stepped up countywide patrols as part of the Memorial Day holiday and this summer’s traffic safety program.  Drive to Arrive targets key traffic safety elements, such as drunken driving, speeding and red light and seatbelt violators. The program includes several state and national safety campaigns to keep the county’s roadways safe.  This all-encompassing campaign will include: Checkpoint Strikeforce operations to curtail drunken driving; Click it or Ticket actions to reduce seat belt violations; and red light enforcements at critical county intersections to reduce crashes. The message to drivers is: Don’t drink and drive. Use your seatbelt, obey the traffic laws, avoid driving distracted and stop for red lights so your summer journey can start safe and finish safe.


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