Police Blotter

MAIN ST 5/13  Entry gained by kicking in rear door.  The interior of the residence was ransacked, however nothing was taken.

VILLAS CT  5/13  The Villas at Rivers Bend.  Entry gained to the listed residence by breaking the glass on the rear door.  Items were taken from the bedrooms.

REYMET RD  9/1/10  Unknown suspect/s entered the vacant house through a kitchen door taking listed property from inside.

ORANGE HILL AVE  5/9  Ettrick.  Entry gained through a bedroom window and listed property stolen.

OLD CENTRALIA RD  5/10  Victim discovered a garage window open and damaged, but nothing appeared to be missing inside.

BUNDLE RD  5/12  Spencers Grocery – Bundle.  Unknown suspects forced entry to the store through a front window where damage was found.  Once inside, items were taken from a back room, as well as from the front counter.

CARVER HEIGHTS DR  1/25  Carver home sites.  Unknown suspect/s cut a hole in the rear fence of the cell tower and stole multiple pieces of copper from inside.

GOOLSBY AVE  5/12  Victim discovered the driver’s window of his truck was unrolled and the back sliding window had been pried open.  The listed property was stolen from inside.

MARINA DR  5/13  Falling Creek Apts.  Suspect/s broke the window on the victim’s 1997 Ford van and stole tools from inside.

W. HUNDRED RD  5/13  Clarion Motel.  Unknown suspect/s pried the tool chest open in the rear of the victim’s pickup truck.

MIDDLECOFF DR  5/11  Rivers Bend.  Unlocked suspects entered the victim’s unlocked 2011 Camry and took listed property from inside.

JEFFERSON DAVIS HWY  5/14  Suspect/s entered two adjacent businesses taking batteries from six vehicles total.

JEFFERSON DAVIS HWY  5/13  Paul Wallace Auto.  Suspect/s entered the car lot and stole batteries out of twenty vehicles.

EXCALIBER PL  5/14  Kingsland Woods.  Victim’s black Nissan Altima was stolen from the driveway where it had been left.

NECHO CT  5/13  Kings Forest.  Juvenile victims encountered the suspects in the street and a fight ensured.  During the fight, two bikes belonging to the victims were taken.

MARKVIEW LN  5/13  Meadowbrook Apts.  Described suspect was observed looking into the victim’s apartment window.

AUTUMN POINT DR  5/13  Autumn Grove.  Forced entry to vacant residence through the rear door.  Nothing was taken.

WALTHALL DR  4/29  Walthall Mill.  Unknown suspect/s entered the victim’s unlocked garage and took listed property from inside.

JEFFERSON DAVIS HWY  5/14  Southside Virginia Auto Action.  Batteries were removed from several cars in the back parking lot of the business.

GLENDALE ST  12/31/10  Normandale Terrace.  Scooter stolen from listed location.

MARINA DR  5/16  Falling Creek Apts.  Victim had been sitting by the river when the suspects approached, demanding money.   Although the victim complied, giving them a few dollars, the suspects demanded more.  When the victim refused, one suspect put him in a choke hold, placing a knife to his neck.  The other suspects then assaulted the victim and took his cash.

DAWNSHIRE RD 5/17  Bellwood Elementary School.  Known suspect lit a fire in the boy’s bathroom.

QUARTERPATH LN  5/16  Wathall Mill.  Forced entry to residential shed and listed property stolen.

RIVERTERRACE RD  5/17  River Road Terrace Apts.  Victim’s red 2009 Mitsubishi Galant was stolen from listed location.

CROFTON RD  5/18  Chip Chase.  Entry to residence gained by removing a taped-on screen to a rear kitchen window, breaking the glass with a cement paver, and then reaching through to unlock the window.  Listed items removed from the master bedroom.

PERDUE AVE  5/13  Warfield Estates.  Entry to residence gained via an unlocked kitchen window off the rear deck.  The entire residence was ransacked, rummaged through with the listed property taken.  Two vehicles parked in the garage had also been rummaged through.

JEFFERSON DAVIS HWY  5/17  Snow White Motel.  Property removed from bed of pickup truck while parked at listed location.

MISTORA RD  5/14  Searcy.  Property removed from victim’s unsecured vehicle during the listed time frame.

SNOWBIRD RD  5/19  Courthouse Green Apts. Witness observed subjects setting items on fire in the woods.


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