Police blotter

Ironbridge Rd  5/7  Ironbridge Learning Center.  Victim assaulted by unknown suspect after road rage incident.

Meadowburm Dr  5/5  Meadowdale.  Unknown suspect observed removing the listed property from the victim’s shed.

Cinderwood Dr  5/6  Mason Woods.  Unknown suspect/s gained entry to victim’s residence by cutting the window screen and breaking the lock on the rear window.  The listed property was reported stolen.

Castlewood Rd  4/15  Grindall Creek Park.  Unknown suspect/s entered the victim’s three locked detached sheds and stole the listed property.

Wathall Dr  5/5  Walthall Mill.  Victim discovered his garage door raised and at this time nothing was reported missing from inside.  His unlocked vehicle along with another victim’s vehicle were entered and the listed property stolen.

Retriever Rd  5/4  Huntingcreek Hills.  Heat pump reported stolen from vacant residence.

Perlock Rd  5/3  Quail Oaks.  Complainant reported the listed property was stolen from his back yard.

Meadowdale Bl  3/8  Regency Lake Apartments.  Listed property reported stolen from black 1997 Honda.

Jefferson Davis Hwy  5/6  Auto Mundo 5000 Jeff Davis.  Listed property reported stolen from several unlocked vehicles at the auto dealership.

Jefferson Davis Hwy  5/6  Holiday Trailer Park.  Victim reported the listed vehicle part was stolen from his 1997 Ford.

Continental Bl  5/4  A & E Technology.  Rear license plate reported stolen from a white Ford Ranger.

Lewis Rd  4/29  Shoosmith Brothers Inc.  Complainant reported a 2006 Yamaha 600 Grizzly 4-wheeler and the listed property that were in on the 4-wheeler’s rack were stolen.

Planet Rd  5/9  Regency Lake Apartments.  Victims were sitting in the running vehicle when an unknown suspect opened the driver door, pointed a weapon at them and demanded money.  One victim told the suspect she did not have any, the suspect then reached in and took the victim’s purse.  Suspect asked the second victim for money and when she told him she did not have any, he left the area.

Marina Dr 5/9 Falling Creek Apts.  Unknown suspects drove up in listed vehicle, approached victim, and displayed a weapon to give up his money.  After victim stated he did not have any, suspects left the area in their vehicle.

Halrose Ln  5/9  Meadowdale.  Unknown suspect/s entered the residence and removed items from inside.  No signs of forced entry were found.

Hopkins Rd  5/6  Hopkins Elementary School.  Multiple classroom trailers were entered and vandalized by unknown suspects.  Some property was stolen from the trailers as well.  Windows on two of the trailers were disturbed, indicating entry had been gained at that location.

Country Manor Pl  5/9  Dodson Pest Control.   Complainant reported suspect/s removed listed property from his unlocked work.

Bellwood Rd  4/30  Property removed from victim’s vehicle after it had been repossessed.

Stebbins St  5/8  Property removed from unlocked vehicle.

Ramblewood Dr  5/6  ABC Builders Supply.  Property taken from company truck.

Woodsedge Rd  5/9  Suspect contacted the victim through Craig’s List to purchase the victim’s vehicle.  Suspect was test driving the vehicle with the victim and had pulled off on the side of the road to take a photo.  The suspect told the victim the vehicle was smoking and to come look.  The suspect then jumped back into the vehicle and drove off in the care, leaving the victim behind.

Seminole Ave  5/9  Bellmeade.  Motorcycle removed from under a tarp in the front yard of victim’s residence.

Cricklewood Dr  5/9  South Pointe Landing Apts.  Property removed from victim’s unsecured Toyota Camry.  Scratches were found around the ignition.

Cosmic Rd  5/9  Regency Lake Apartments.  During an argument, known suspect fired a gun inside the residence.

Jefferson Davis Hwy  5/9  Colbrook Motel.  Victim reported his beige 1989 Cadiallac was stolen from the listed location.

Indian Hill Rd  5/9  Interstate Inn.  Red 2005 Honda Happy 50 scooter reported stolen.

Centre St  5/8  Victim reported his 2007 Wild Fire moped was stolen.

Jefferson Davis Hwy  5/4  Falling Creek Apts  Suspect/s gained entry through a hole where the air conditioner was located.  The listed property was reported stolen and the downstairs vandalized.

Redwater Creek Rd  5/10  Fairfield Inn.  Complainant reported the listed property was removed from his work truck.

Redwater Creek Rd  5/4  Fairfield Inn.  Complainant reported unknown suspect/s removed the listed property from the bed of his truck.

Littlefield Rd  5/9  Winfield Apartments.  Victim reported the listed property was taken from her locked vehicle.

River Rd  5/11  Victim stated as he was walking to visit a friend he was assaulted and robbed by three unknown suspects.

Alfalfa Ln  5/12  Bellwood Maisonette Apts.  Suspect/s kicked open the front door to gain entry to the victim’s locked apartment.  The listed property was stolen.

White Mountain Dr  5/12  Mount Blanco on the James.  Unknown suspect/s pried open the rear door to gain entry to the victim’s residence.  The listed property was stolen.

Cypressleaf Dr  5/12  Hilmar.  Suspect/s gained entry to the victim’s residence by unknown means and removed the listed property.

Shagreen Ln  5/11  Chandon at the Highlands.  The three unlocked vehicles were entered and the listed property was reported stolen from one.

Appleford Dr  5/11  Appleford.  Unknown suspect/s stole the license plates from the victim’s 1993 Ford Ranger and attempted to enter the victim’s locked Dodge Caravan. Entry was not gained and at this time nothing was stolen.


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