Police blotter

Kentwood Forest Dr  4/21  Kentwood Forest.  Victims returned home to discover a rear door had been kicked open and listed items taken from several areas in the house.

Broadwater W  4/21  Broadwater Townhouses.  Unknown suspect/s attempted to kick the front door open.

Botone Ave  4/21  Rayon Park.  License plates stolen from vehicle.

Mariposa Dr  4/24  Brevard.  Suspect/s gained entry to the victim’s residence by cutting the rear window screen and breaking the top portion of the lower window.  The window was pushed open and the listed property stolen.

Jefferson Davis Hwy  4/22  Worshams Trailer Park.  Victim reported the listed property was stolen from her locked trailer.  No signs of forced entry were noted.

Woodmorth Rd  3/23  Quail Oaks.  Listed property reported stolen from victim’s residence.  No signs of forced entry were noted.

Timsberry Tr  4/23  Broadwater Townhouses.  Two victims shot, one died at the listed location.

Gatebridge Rd  4/19  Stonebridge.  Unknown suspect/s removed HVAC unit from vacant residence.

Gatebridge Rd  4/19  Stonebridge.  HVAC unit reported stolen from vacant residence.

Gatebridge Rd  4/22  Stonebridge.  HVAC unit reported stolen from vacant residence.

Cabinmill Rd  4/20  Irongate.  Safeguard Business Systems.  Two HVAC units reported stolen from a vacant residence.

Chester Rd  4/21  Unlocked 2008 Mazda was entered and the listed property stolen.  Copper wire was also removed from the victim’s yard.

Tinsberry Dr 4/23 Tinsberry Trace.  Unlocked silver 2011 Hyundai Tucson entered and the listed property was stolen.

Cosmic Rd  4/16  Regency Lake Apartments.  Victim reported the year registration sticker was stolen from the license plate on his 2002 Honda Odyssey.

Elliham Ave  4/23  Patterson Park.  Victim reported his 1991 Nissan pickup was stolen.

South St  4/24  Victim reported his chained and locked 2006 Yamaha dirt bike stolen from his backyard.

Wentworth St  4/24  Lafayette Apartments.  Victim stated he was assaulted and robbed as he walked to his residence.

Jefferson Davis Hwy  4/25  Forced entry to the listed residence through the rear door and listed property.

Malcolm Dr  4/25  Greenleigh Mobile Homes  Unknown suspect/s forced the rear door of the listed residence open.  Nothing appeared to be tampered with inside the residence.

Shaker Dr  4/24  River Road Estates.  Victim returned home to find the front door closed but unlocked with no signs of force.  Listed items were discovered missing from inside.

Evelyn Dr  4/7  Laketree Manor.  Victim returned from out of town to discover items missing from her residence.  No sign of force were found.

Willis Rd  4/24  V.I.P. Inn.  The chain, securing the listed propertys stored in the bed of the complainant’s work truck, was cut and the property removed.

Green Garden Pl  4/22  Greenside.  Property removed from victim’s unlocked vehicle while parked at the residence.

Enon Church Rd  4/16  Cameron Farms.  Property removed from victim’s Hyundai Elantra while parked at the listed location.

Cannock Rd  01/04  Land O Pines.  Tags removed from victim’s disabled vehicle parked at the listed location where he had left it for repairs.

Castlewelln Dr  4/26  Cypress Woods.  Listed suspect entered the victim’s unlocked garage and removed the listed property.

Sir Lionel Pl  11/15/2010  Kingsland Woods.  Unknown suspect/s removed copper pipes from underneath the vacant residence.

River Rd  4/21  Complainant reported a barrel of copper was stolen from his property.

Jefferson Davis Hwy  4/1  Americana Trailer Park. Va Dominion Power. Unknown suspect/s cut down two power poles and removed copper from two transformers.

Laurel Spring Ct  4/24 Laurel Spring.  Gold 2004 Toyota 4 Runner was entered and the listed property stolen.

Goyne Tr  4/23  Westchester Townhouses.  Listed property reported stolen from victim’s 2005 Ford Explorer.

Mistwood Forest Dr  4/14  Mistwood Forest.  Listed property reported stolen from victim’s unlocked silver Nissan Altima.

Harrowgate Rd  4/26  Victim reported the listed property was stolen from his unlocked 1991 Lexus.

Jefferson Davis Hwy  4/10  Colonial Heights Baptist Church.  License plates reported stolen from church bus.

Jefferson Davis Hwy  4/26  Taylors Towing.  Complainant reported the listed property was stolen.

Melbeck S. Rd  4/26  Rock Spring Farms.  Two unlocked vehicles were vandalized and the listed property stolen from one.

Laurel Spring Rd  4/25  Laurel Spring.  Unlocked 1997 Mitsubishi entered and the listed property was stolen.

Alcott Rd  4/26 Unknown suspect/s broke the rear window to gained entry to the victim’s residence. Property was stolen.

Dermotte Ln  11/10 Victim reported property stolen from his residence.

Manuel St  4/25 Victim reported her white 1995 Honda Accord was entered and property stolen. Year registration stickers were also scratched off.

Jefferson Davis Hwy  4/28 Unknown suspect/s broke all four windows and the windshield on the victim’s Cadillac. Property was reported stolen.

Posthom Dr  4/27 Unlocked white Chevrolet truck was entered and property was stolen.


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