Police blotter

Yellowleaf Dr  4/17  Hilmar.  Listed suspects admitted to kicking open the locked rear door of victim’s residence.  At the time nothing was reported stolen.

Evelyn Dr 4/15  Laketree Manor.  Unknown suspect/s entered victim’s locked apartment and took the listed property.  No signs of forced entry were noted.

Evelyn Dr  4/12  Laketree Manor.  Victim’s apartment was entered and the listed property removed.  No signs of forced entry were noted.

Stonewood Manor Dr  4/16  Stonewood Manor.  Entry gained to the victim’s residence through the rear kitchen window.  The listed property was reported stolen.

River Rd  4/17  Victim heard unknown suspect/s break the glass in the screen door and attempt to open the chained front door.  Entry was not gained to the residence and at this time nothing was reported stolen.

Planet Rd  4/16  Regency Lake Apartments.  Unknown suspect/s attempted to pry open the front window of the victim’s residence.  Entry was not gained.  Victim’s unlocked vehicle was entered and the listed property removed.

Jefferson Davis Hwy  10/15/2010  Ponderosa Tr. Pk.  Va. Steel Erectors.  Victim reported the listed property was stolen from storage containers.

Perdue Springs Ct  4/15  Listed property reported stolen from victim’s unlocked 1995 Toyota Corolla.

Osborne Rd   4/16  License plates reported from victim’s 2003 Chevrolet S10 pickup.

Bermuda Hundred Rd  4/14  Rear license plated reported stolen from victim’s 1994 Honda Accord.

Stanwix Ln  4/18  Falling Creek Hills.  Maroon 1993 Buick reported stolen from the victim’s driveway.

Centralia Rd  4/10 2006 Yamaha dirt bike stolen from victim’s property.

Ironbridge Rd  4/15  Copper pipe stolen from underneath a house under construction.

Burge Ave  4/18  Suspect was observed taking scrap metal from the listed property when police were called to the scene.

W. Hundred Rd  4/16  Suspect/s gained entry to the lot through a cutpiece of perimeter fence.  Multiple pieces of property were removed from vehicles inside the lot.

Shady Ln  4/18  Dupont Square.  Victim reported her locked vehicle stolen from her driveway.  The vehicle was later returned, undamaged, but with an empty gas tank.

Jefferson Davis Hwy  2/1/2011  UHaul truck missing from listed location.

Ivey Mill Rd  4/19  Suspect/s gained entry to the listed residence through an unlocked door and stole listed items from inside.  Other valuables were left undisturbed.

Halrose Ln  4/12  Meadowdale.  Suspect/s forced entry to the shed at the listed residence and took a power washer from inside.

Botone Ave  4/18  Rayon Park.  Victim discovered a rear window with a screen cut.  The same window had a chair placed underneath of it by an unknown suspect.

Jefferson Davis Hwy  4/18  Batteries removed from 14 vehicles parked at the listed location.

E. Hundred Rd  4/19  Suspect entered the store and browsed around with the clerks.  He left and then returned a few minutes later to display a handgun wrapped in a cloth and demanded items from the store.  One of the clerks wrestled with the suspect, causing him to flee.

Ruffin Mill Rd  4/19  Known suspect fired shots into the air and toward the building after an altercation with his girlfriend.

Passageway Dr  4/20  Somerset.  Victim returned home to find the known suspect standing just inside the rear door which had been left unlocked.  Startled, the suspect ran out, fleeing to his residence.

Autumnleaf Dr  4/17  Hilmar.  Rear door to residence kicked in with listed items taken.

Grove Pl  4/20  Grove Place.  Property removed from victim’s residence.  Entry possible gained via a front window which had been left open.

Trailview Cr  4/18  Waterside Apts.  Property removed from victim’s attached storage unit.  No sign of forced entry.

Halloway Ave  4/19  Concession stand entered through the metal window cover.  Unknown at time of the report if any items were removed.

Evelyn Dr  4/19  Laketree Manor.  Pry marks found on kitchen window to victim’s apartment.  No entry gained.

Autumn Point Dr  4/20  Autumn Grove.  HVAC units at two locations on Autumn Point stripped with interior parts removed.

Bridgeside Dr  4/19  Irongate.  Aluminum coil removed from heat pump.

Kingsdale Rd  4/20  Quail Oaks.  Suspect was observed removing the listed property from a brick memorial at the listed location.

Whitestone Ct  4/17  Meadowbrook West.  Property removed from victim’s unlocked Volvo.

Jefferson Davis Hwy  4/19  Shady Hill Trailer Park.  Lock cut on Pepsi drink machine.  The coin box and dollar bill changer were removed.


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