Police blotter

Ironbridge Rd  4/10 Victim attended a party at the listed location. A fight ensued between the victim and the suspect.  The victim was stabbed by suspect, who fled the area.

Baume Cr  4/6  Salem Woods.  Suspect/s gained entry to the victim’s residence through a rear bedroom window.  Property was reported stolen.

Upton Rd  4/8  Reedy Branch.  Unknown suspect/s gained entry through the rear window of the residence under construction.  Property was reported stolen.

E. Hundred Rd  4/10  Nash Mart – East Hundred Rd.  Police responding to an alarm at the listed location found the entrance doors broken by a cinder block.  Property was reported stolen.

Flora Springs Ln  4/10  Meridian Watermark Apts.  Black 2005 Chrysler 300 entered and property was reported stolen.  No signs of forced entry were noted.

Oriole Ave  4/8  Grindall Creek Park.  Temporary license tags were reported stolen from victim’s white 2003 Pontiac.

Whitepine Rd  4/10  Unlocked silver 2005 Honda entered and property was reported stolen.

Pauline Ave  4/11  Searcy.  Unlocked blue 1985 GMC entered and at this time nothing was reported stolen.

Alan Dr  4/10  Disabled yellow 2006 Quingqi scooter reported stolen.

Marina Dr  4/9  Falling Creek Apts.  Suspect approached victims and ask for a cigarette.  Victims stated they did not have one.  Suspect pulled a weapon and demanded everything from the victims.  Victims emptied the contents of their pockets on the ground.  Suspect began shooting at the victims, striking one.  Suspects then fled the area.

Brampton W  4/8  DuPont Square.  Victim was moving into the bedroom of the listed residence when two unknown suspects knocked on bedroom door.  Victim opened the door, the suspects entered and demanded the victim’s money.  Victim stated he did not have any. Suspects then assaulted the victim, took money from his front pocket and left the victim’s rooms.

Gary Ave  4/10  Ivey Acres.  Unknown suspect was able to gain entry through the back screen/storm door attached to the enclosed back porch which was unlocked.  Suspect shattered a table on the porch, but did not take anything and did not enter the main residence.

Chicora Dr  4/8  Hening Elementary School.  Items stolen from construction site.

Ironbridge Pz  4/11  Iron Bridge Plaza.  Property stolen from victim’s unlocked vehicle.

Libwood Ave  4/10  Rayon Park.  Suspect/s stole tools from victim’s pick-up truck.

Normandale Ave  4/8  Crescent Park.  Complainant reported his medication stolen from his work van.  No signs of forced entry found.

Chester Garden Cr  4/11  Chester Village Green Apts.  Property stolen from two unlocked vehicles.

Pineleaf Dr  4/11  Hilmar.  Rear license plate taken from victim’s vehicle.

Meadowdale Blvd  4/2  Meadowdale Shopping Center.  Victim’s purse was taken from her shopping cart while unattended momentarily.

Hopkins Rd  4/9  Suspect/s pried open the drink machine outside of the business and stole money from inside.

Ironbridge Rd  4/13  Unknown suspect removed the victim’s property from her unlocked tan Mercury.

Alderwood W  4/12  Ashley Forest.  Victim reported property was removed from her unlocked vehicles.

Meadowdale Blvd  4/11  Meadowdale Shopping Center.  Suspect/s gained entry to the locked drink machine and removed cash from inside.

Barnwood Dr  1/1  Meadowbrook Farm.  Black 2009 Tornos Nitro reported stolen.

Summertree Dr  4/12  Willowhurst.  Shots fired inside the listed location.  No injuries were reported.

Spring Run Rd  Unknown supect/s gained entry to the residence by breaking the rear doors.

Chipping Dr  4/13  Salem Woods.  Victim observed unknown suspect inside her residence.  Suspect fled area through the sun room’s sliding glass door.  At this time nothing was reported stolen.  No signs of forced entry were noted.

Harrowgate Rd  4/13  Known suspect/s gained entry to the victim’s residence by breaking a glass pane in the front door.  At this time nothing was reported stolen.

Hollyleaf Dr  4/7  Orchard Hill.  Suspect/s gained entry to residence through a locked side window.  Property was stolen from the utility room.

Ironbridge Rd  4/12  Suspect/s gained entry to the business by breaking the glass front door.  Property was stolen.

Weir Rd  4/12  Lowe’s. Dominics of New York. Unknown suspect/s gained entry to listed location by prying two locks off the door and cutting the remaining lock off. Property was stolen.

Meridian Ave  4/13  Suspect admitted to entering victim’s unlocked maroon 2005 Hyundai and removed property.

Harrowgate Rd  4/12  Harrowgate Elementary School.  Several victims reported their unlocked vehicles were entered and at this time nothing was reported stolen.

Hopkins Rd  4/12  Suspect/s attempted to pry out the electronic changer in the drink machine.

Castlewood Rd  4/13  Two motorcycles were reported stolen from the listed location.

Silvertree Ct  4/13  Tinsberry Trace.  Suspect/s gained entry to victim’s residence by breaking the locked rear window.  Property was reported stolen.

Whetstone Rd  4/13  Meadowbrook Apts.  Suspect/s gained entry by breaking window pane on the rear door of the victim’s residence.  Property was reported stolen.

Harrowgate Rd  4/14  Harrowgate Worship Center.  Victim stated she observed unknown suspect looking out through the blinds of the listed location.  At this time nothing was reported stolen.  No signs of force were noted.

Gainford Cr  4/14  Falling Creek Hills.  Listed property reported stolen from unlocked 2002 Kia Sedona.

Birdbrook Dr  4/14  Forest View.  Multiple unlocked vehicles were entered and property reported stolen.

Jefferson Davis Hwy  4/14  Victim was seated in his vehicle when the listed suspects, one armed with a handgun, approached from both sides.  Suspect with the handgun leaned into the partially opened passenger side window, pointed the handgun at victim, while the other suspect open the front driver’s door.  Suspects took property from the victim and fled the area on foot.

W. Hundred Rd  4/14  Courtyard by Marriott.  Victim reported while walking around the listed location, he was assaulted and robbed of cash by two unknown suspects.

Summertree Dr  4/14  Willowhurst. Shots fired at occupied residence.  No injuries reported.

Mason Valley Dr  4/15  Mason Woods.  Shots fired at occupied residence.  No injuries reported.


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