Velessit nullam, quat. Ed

Bonnets and gloves, little purses and sweet little shoes, this is the first Easter where I truly get to enjoy dressing up our precious little girl.  The darling one is now 14 months old and bopping around joyously, causing hearts to melt wherever she goes.  She has the Queen’s wave down to an art and can blow you a kiss that will knock your socks off.  She is such a little doll, that is when she’s not tussling with her brother and throwing things across the room (she has an arm to rival any MLB pitcher). There is a little tomboy buried in there somewhere.

Having a daughter is an experience to behold.  The bond between mother and daughter is amazing (at the moment anyway, I dread the teenage years) and I cherish these days with her.  The sweet little voice calling out for me, the outstretched arms, the chubby little wrists that she already piles with bracelets, it really is delightful having a little girl in the house.  Her big brother is her protector even though most of the time he needs protecting from her.  He tolerates her tumbling and pouncing all over him and gently chides her when she starts to “aggravate” him.  The joy these two bring to my life is indescribable; I’m sure all mothers know this boundless love that I speak of. It’s amazing.

The smell of their skin, their little hands curled up during sleep, the curve of the cheek, the twinkling little laugh, the goofy facial expressions, the tight arms around your neck; just a drop in the bucket of the things you love about them.  These little people hold your entire world in their little pudgy hands.  Having a little one in the house again brings back all the joys of the toddler years and makes you appreciate the independence of the school age children!  While my little man was content to sit and play by himself (and still is), little Lily is busy, busy, busy.  If she’s not trying to climb up the stairs (or down them) she is throwing something in the toilet, trying to get something out of the trash can or throwing her diapers here, there and everywhere.  There really is never a dull moment and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

What amazes me is how very feminine she is naturally.  I know that sounds odd to say because she is a girl.  But what I mean is, without being guided, she loves purses, baby dolls, jewelry, shoes and dresses.  It really is hilarious.  She loves my jewelry box, and every night after bath, puts on all my necklaces and bracelets and when playing with her purse she “hefts” it up on her shoulder just like we grownups do, it’s hysterical.  Of course I think everything she does is just wonderful but it really is cute and I do find it interesting that she loves all of these girly things right from the get go.

After five years of having mud and trucks, dinosaurs and aliens, bugs, (sometimes, remember he was terrified of them one summer!) slugs and all other things that are gross and all boy; I now can enjoy tutu’s (we have a pink one) necklaces, babies, makeup, Barbie’s and all things glittery.  The girl has arrived full force and is taking over, but we are all so in love with her that there are no complaints.


little girls


I love your column because your love towards your children reminds me of how much I loved raising my children. I have three girls and I worried about the teenage years. I ended up loving the teenage years. (middle school a little rough-girls are just unhappy with themselves during that period)

Dorothy Jaeckle

"Velessit nullam, quat. Ed"

Anyone care to enlighten us about the translation of the title and how it applies to the article?

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