Police blotter

Russell Rd 4/1  Bellwood Manor.  Suspect’s gained entry to the listed residence by unknown means and stole listed property from inside.  No signs of forced entry found.

Timsberry Cr 4/3  Broadwater Townhouses.  Multiple suspects were seen entering an unsecured door of the community center and taking listed property from inside.

Ironbridge Rd 4/2    Sheer Innovations.  Suspect/s kicked the front door of the business open to gain entry.  Listed items were stolen.

Ironbridge Rd 4/3  Calvary Christian Church.  Unknown suspects gained entry to the church by unknown means as there were no signs of forced entry.  Items were taken from throughout the building.

Harrowgate Rd 4/3  Harrowgate Elementary School.  Entry gained to an unsecured classroom trailer at the school.

Firethorne Ln 4/3  Kingsland Acres.  Attempted entry to listed residence through a bedroom window that was found partially open.

Bellwood Rd 3/24  Unknown suspect cut a hole in the fence surrounding the perimeter of the victim’s property, then stole a large pile of aluminum pipes.

Planet Rd 3/30  Regency Lake Apartments.  Suspect/s entered the victim’s unlocked vehicle and rummaged through the interior, however nothing appeared to be missing.

Statute Ct 4/1  Courthouse Green Apts.  Unknown suspect/s removed listed property from victim’s unsecured Dodge pickup, which was parked in the lot.

Holly Trace Dr 4/1  Holly Trace.  Victim reported that an unknown suspect entered the vehicle and stole the listed property.

Oldbem Ct 4/4  Holly Trace.  Listed property was taken from victim’s unlocked vehicle.

Jefferson Davis Hwy 4/2  Chesterfield County.  Suspect was seen breaking into victim’s vehicle, at which time police were called.  Suspect was then taken into custody.

Mangowood Dr 4/3  Bermuda Run Apts.  Listed property stolen from victim’s unlocked vehicle.

Dorius Dr 3/31  Kings Forest  Victim’s Mitsubishi was damaged and listed property was taken from the outside.

Alfalfa Ln 4/1  Bellwood Maisonette Apts.  License plates stolen from victim’s vehicle.

Hogans Al 3/30  Rivers Bend.  Victim’s Toyota Camry was stolen from listed location during the listed time frame.

Laurel Oak Ct 4/4  Oakmont.  Suspect/s forced the rear door of the residence open, gaining entry.  There was also a screen removed from the rear bathroom window.  Items were taken from a bedroom.

Champion Ct 4/3  Greenleigh Mobile Homes.  Entry was gained to the victim’s residence through a front window where damage was found.

W Hundred Rd 3/31  CSX.  Complainant reported that suspect/s broke a window out of the work vehicle and stole listed items from the truck.

Martingale Rd 4/3  Colonial Ridge A pts.  Parking pass stolen from victim’s unlocked vehicle.

Alfalfa Ln 4/5  Bellwood Maisonette Apts.  Known suspect threatened the victim, forcing her to hand over the listed property to him.

Burnt Oak Cr 4/5  Ivywalk Apartments.  Unknown suspect/s gained entry to the victim’s apartment by prying open the front door.  At this time nothing was reported stolen.

Bridgeside Dr 3/1  Irongate.  Unknown suspect/s entered the crawl space of the victim’s residence and removed all of the copper pipes from underneath the residence.

Enon Church Rd 4/5  Mount Blanco.  Suspect/s gained entry by breaking the side window pane and reaching inside to unlock the door.  Listed property was reported stolen from the residence.

Brampton Rd 4/5  Dupont Square. Suspect/s opened the screen and storm window in an attempt to enter the victim’s partment.  Entry was not gained and at this time nothing was reported stolen.

Jefferson Davis Hwy 4/4  Roadrunner Trailer court.  Suspect/s attempted to enter victim’s residence by prying open the lock on the victim’s front door.

Aarowfield Rd 4/5  Kovac Acres.  Complainant reported property was stolen from the construction site.

Oldem Ct 4/6  Holly Trace.  Front door to residence was kicked in and property was stolen.

Botone Ave 4/6  Rayon Park.  Unknown suspect/s forced entry to the victim’s front door.  At this time nothing was reported stolen.

Marina Dr 4/6  Falling Creek Apts.  Victim stated her unlocked silver 1993 Mercury was entered and property stolen.

Duxton Dr 4/5  Duxton.  Unlocked 1998 Ford Escort entered and property was reported stolen.

Mimi Ave 4/4  Victim reported property stolen from her unlocked 2008 Ford Fushion.

Gary Ave 4/7  Ivey Acres.  Several unlocked vehicles were entered and property stolen.

Gary Ave 4/6  Ivey Acres.  Unlocked white 1990 Toyota 4Runner entered and at the time nothing was reported stolen.

Dalebrook Dr 4/7  Victim stated that as he was walking to his residence, he was approached by the described suspect.  The suspect pointed a weapon at the victim and took the victim’s property.

OAKLAWN ST 4/07 Suspects admitted to stealing scrap metal from the victim’s residence.

LIBERTY WAY 4/06 Suspects stole copper from the listed business.

PARKER LN 11/15 Known suspect removed the victim’s property from his vehicle.


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