Clear skies for Volunteer Firefighter Family Day

After last week’s perpetual overcast, the skies opened up long enough for Saturday’s Volunteer Firefighter Recruit School Family Day at the Enon Fire Training Center to begin in the midday sun. Friends and family gathered to watch Volunteer Recruit School Class No. 26 demonstrate the various procedures and techniques they had meticulously practiced for months leading up to Saturday.

“They’re getting ready to graduate, so they have invited family members and friends to be able to demonstrate the skills that they’ve learned,” said Chief Mangeau, who oversaw Saturday’s event.

On September 11, 2010, the young men of Class No. 26 began their journey towards becoming everyday heroes with hopes of joining Chesterfield County’s Volunteer Fire and Rescue Squad and saving lives for nothing more than the feeling of contributing.

The recruits have reported to training every Tuesday, Thursday and every other Saturday for five months, accumulating over three hundred hours of training in firefighting and emergency services.

Saturday’s demonstrations included repelling and bailing from burning buildings, extracting a victim from a wrecked car and extinguishing an industrial fire and domestic conflagration; the victim, a training dummy, was even carried on a stretcher to the ambulance waiting nearby. Unfortunately, the dummy was never resuscitated.

Behind yellow tape, supporters clapped and cheered on as the recruits proved themselves over and over again to be worthy of protecting the people. Chief Mangeau later added, “It’s an opportunity for friends and family to share with their successes.”

Thursday, April 7, Class No. 26 will graduate from Volunteer Recruit School and enter into the world of Fire and EMS. If you, like the fine young men in Recruit Class No .26, are qualified and willing to dedicate yourself to public service and volunteer, you can find more info on the web at


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