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It has finally arrived, the time that we have been both anticipating and dreading, a milestone that has been reached, an extremely quick passage of time; little man has finally turned five years old.  Sometimes it seems that he was born just yesterday and then again there are times when it seemed that we would never get to this point. But, we are here now and with it come a new stage in his little life and in ours, Kindergarten.

This week (April 7) is kindergarten registration.  All of us are scrambling to have our paperwork in order.  The physical, birth certificate and even your lease to show that you are truly a resident of Chesterfield – it’s easier to get a passport than it is to get into kindergarten these days.  And that’s not all folks, on top of being nervous about forgetting our “homework” (we parents) the day of registration, we have to contend with the top secret test given to our children the day of.  Yes, according to my sources they are whisked away from the safety of the parental units and taken into questioning.  I think we all have some idea as to what goes on and try to prepare our children, but for the most part they are on their own.  Hopefully if asked to draw something resembling a human being my guy will oblige, but my guess is whatever he does will end up looking more like a dinosaur than a person.  No worries on my part though.  I know that whatever he does he will blow them away with his brilliance (ha!). 

On top of preparing for our first day at Elizabeth Scott Elementary come September, we will also be readying ourselves for our first summer camp at the Goddard School. 

Instead of just tearing him straight out of his loving Meme’s arms and throwing him into a before- and after school program and kindergarten we thought it best to transition slowly over the summer: Yes, I know we are smart folks!  Starting in June he will be well on his way to wearing himself out daily and we are very excited!  The Goddard School summer camp is going to be so much fun for him. The activities are endless and I guarantee that the child who has not napped since the age of three will definitely be getting some shut eye during his “rest” time.  He has no idea of the fun in store for him this summer and while I am slightly anxious about all of our new beginnings, we are excited about them too!

Summer camp, kindergarten and last but not least, the dreaded school bus.  I think I need a transition for the bus.  It’s so big and loud and yellow.  The boy seems quite excited about riding it and thankfully it will be picking him up and dropping him off at Goddard everyday with all of his other friends that he will be making this summer;  I just feel like he is too little to ride it.  So, I will be the stalker mommy following the bus on the first day of school making sure nothing fishy is going on, such as spit balls or things flying out of the windows.  Maybe they need to have a parent orientation to kindergarten?  It needs to last about a week and should try and simulate every possible scenario that a neurotic mommy like me can think up in her mind and then maybe we could rest easy when the first day of school arrived.



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