Local author publishes children’s adoption book

On Feb. 22 Chester resident Susan B. Keophila published her first book “But, Mama! She’s My Sister”, a full-color, illustrated children’s book designed to benefit the entire adoption triad – the adoptee, the birth parents and their children, and the adoptive parents.

For Keophila, the story is meant as a tool for parents to share the adoption process with their children, including a purpose to “embolden” other adoptees and bring awareness of the issue to all.

“The idea came because when I worked for adoptions years ago a lot of birth moms always had kids. I had one ask me, ‘How do I tell my four year-old why I’m placing the baby?’ Well, there was nothing out there to help her. So that kind of planted the seed for the story.”

According to a press release from the publisher, AuthorHouse, the book “combines a heart-warming story of an adoption process through the eyes of Kelly Cat, a young kitten that watches her mother make the difficult decision to put her sister up for adoption, and the story of Keophila’s own adoption journey.”

To purchase Keophila’s book, visit the Authorhousewebsite of Amazon.com.


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