Meadowbrook’s Medford team soars in finals

Meadowbrook High’s Medford basketball team became champions last Thursday at James River High, beating Matoaca’s “A” team in the final game of the Medford League season– a high school basketball league providing competition for athletes with disabilities.

After the game, Meadowbrook coach Drew Walker reflected on the undefeated season.

“The whole situation is really rewarding because you get to see these guys shine in an element outside the classroom and outside of the norm for them,” he said after the game regarding his athletes, which all belong to the Special Education program at Meadowbrook. “They get to be out there in front of their peers and the rest of the school – and the other schools we play in – and be stars, be celebrities for a day.”

NBC12 News recorded the game and interviewed the team afterwards, televising the game highlights on Monday, March 13 at 6 p.m.

“Everybody knows them in the building (Meadowbrook) and they’re feeling good about themselves, and that’s what is really important and it’s been like that all season long,” said Walker. “The kids have been great. They’ve been really unselfish and they’ve worked hard together; and they’ve had fun together.”

Look for the Medford League to start next year in January as Meadowbrook defends their title.


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