Police blotter

E. HUNDRED RD 3/04 Nash Mart Enon. Suspects attempted to gain entry to the business through the double doors, where damage was found.

CAYMUS WY 2/26 Meridian Watermark Apartments, Castillon Construction. Items stolen from construction site.

ARBORLAKE DR 3/05 Arborlake Apartments. Unlocked Ford Taurus rummaged through while parked in front of the victim’s residence.

BRENSPARK RD 3/03 Courthouse Woods. The victim’s purse and backpack were removed from her vehicle left unlocked and parked briefly in front of the listed residence. The bag and backpack were later found in the yard of a nearby residence. The purse and contents were missing.

WENTWORTH ST 3/03 Lafayette Apartments. Complainant advised unknown suspects pushed the window down on his girlfriend’s 1992 Dodge Spirit, causing it to come off the track.  No items determined missing.

BENSLEY PARK BL 3/05 Winchester Green Apartments. Property removed from victim’s unlocked Toyota 4Runner, parked at his residence.

LAUREL RD 3/05. Passenger side window broken out of victim’s 1999 Honda.  Listed property removed.

INDIAN HILL RD 3/03 Interstate Inn. License plates removed from victim’s 1987 Oldsmobile Cutlass, while parked at the listed location.

TIMSBERRY CR 3/05 Broadwater Townhouses. Rear license plate removed from victim’s 1997 Chevrolet Cavalier.

INDIAN HILL RD 3/06 Days Inn – Walthall. License plates removed from victim’s 2000 Plymouth Neon, parked in the hotel lot.

AUSTIN CT 3/05 Prestwould Farms. License plate discovered missing from victim’s 2002 Harley Sportster motorcycle.

ECOFF AV 3/04 Chester. Victim returned home to find her vehicle missing from the backyard and the only set of keys to the vehicle missing from the house.

ALCOTT RD 3/05 Huntwood Apartments. Scooter stolen from victim’s yard.

IRON BRIDGE RD 3/04. During an argument at the unlisted location, suspect brandished a rifle at the victims.

MARTINGDALE RD 3/07 Colonial Ridge Apartments. Victim advised property was removed from her unlocked vehicle.

TURNER RD 3/07 Jessup Farms. Victim returned home to find damage to two exterior doors.  Entry was not gained.

BONNIE BRAE 3/07 Meadowbrook. Property stolen from unlocked truck.

MAIN ST 3/07 Property stolen from unlocked vehicle.

RIVERROCK DR 3/07 Rivermont Apartments. Property stolen from unlocked vehicle.

JEFFERSON DAVIS HWY 3/7 7-Eleven. 9700 Jeff Davis. Suspects entered the store together.  As the suspect with the gun approached the counter and demanded the money, the second suspect canvased the store, keeping watch. Upon getting the cash, both suspects ran out.

PHILBROOK RD 3/03 Meadowbrook. Victim advised during the listed time frame she heard gunshots which caused her windows to rattle.  Several days later, she found damage to the siding of her house and in an upstairs bedroom.

CHESTERFIELD AV 3/07 Suspect entered victim’s enclosed porch through the sliding glass windows and removed property.

MARTINGDALE RD 3/07 Colonial Ridge Apartments. Unknown suspects removed the screen to the bedroom window in an attempt to gain entry to the victim’s apartment. Entry was not gained.

CHESTER RD 3/08 Old Centralia Crossing S.C. Victim stated her locked green 1995 Geo Tracker was entered and property removed.

EXECUTIVE DR 3/09 John Tyler Woods. Known suspect admitted to entering multiple vehicles and removing electronic equipment.

GOLDEN GARDEN CR 2/28 Chesterfield Garden Apartments. Suspects attempted to enter victim’s locked 2009 Ford Mustang. At the time, nothing was reported stolen.

STATELY OAK RD 3/09 Beulah Oaks. Entry gained through locked front door. The attached garage door was also partially opened when the victim returned home. Property was stolen from the residence.

WEST HUNDRED RD 2/23 Second Baptist Church. Two HVAC units reported stolen from the side of the church.

STONEY CREEK PKY 3/08 Stoney Creek. Unlocked 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse entered and at the time, nothing was reported stolen.

BIRCHS BLUFF 3/08 Branches Bluff, Finer Homes Inc. Complainant stated electrical wiring was stolen from underneath a residence under construction.

IRON BRIDGE RD 3/09 Victim met the suspects at the listed location, got into the backseat of the suspect’s vehicle. Unknown driver of the vehicle pulled a gun on the suspect and an unknown suspect in the backseat took the victim’s property.

TIPTON CT 3/09 Milhorn Tract. Victim was approached by several unknown suspects who got out of a vehicle and asked to buy the property. Victim stated it was not for sale and walked away. The suspects returned to their vehicle and pulled in front of the victim. The victim stated he was assaulted and the property loaded into the suspects’ vehicle.

BELVOIR RD 3/09 Carrisbrook. Victim advised a device had been thrown from a vehicle and exploded in his yard creating a small 6 – 7” crater.

MASON AV 3/10 Grove Place. Suspects gained entry to the unlocked adjacent apartment that is attached to the victim’s and gained entry into the victim’s attic and property was stolen.

PERDUE SPRINGS CT 3/09 Affordable Dentures. Two HVAC units were reported stolen from the east side of the building.

KAY RD 3/09 Ranch Acres. Victim stated her vehicle was entered and property removed.


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