Police blotter

CASCADE ST. 2/22 Henning Heights. Entry gained through locked bathroom window. At the time, nothing was reported stolen.

DOUBLECREEK CT. 2/20 Courthouse Church of Christ. Four HVAC units were damaged and household goods were listed stolen.

IRON BRIDGE RD. 2/12. HVAC unit reported stolen from outside of vacant residence.

BEECHWOOD FOREST DR. 2/16 Beechwood Forest. Several unlocked vehicles were entered and at the time, nothing was reported stolen.

LOREN DR. 2/24 Bury. Property was stolen from victim’s unlocked silver 2005 Nissan Stanza.

JEFFERSON DAVIS HWY. 2/25 Temporary license tags were reported stolen from victim’s 2003 Kia.

BELVOIR RD. 2/12 Carrisbrook. Front license plate reported stolen from victim’s bronze 2003 GMC.

BRUCE  RD. 2/26 Bruce Farms. Unlocked black 2010 Ford F150 reported stolen from victim’s driveway.

LITTLE RD. 1/27 Complainant reported a red 1990 Honda 4 Track was stolen from a locked airplane hanger.

JEFFERSON DAVIS HWY. 2/27 Road Runner Quickstop. Suspect entered the store, displayed a weapon and stated to the clerk to give him the money. Suspect took the money and other store items and left the store.

JEFFERSON DAVIS HWY. 2/22 Bensley Rescue Squad. Unknown suspect took the panels off two exterior HVAC units at the listed locations and removed interior item from one of them.

SILVER OAK LN. 2/27 Meadow Oaks. Tools stolen from bed of pickup truck parked in complainant’s driveway.

WEST HUNDRED RD. 2/28 Chester YMCA Daycare. Victim found the windows on her car down when she returned to the parking lot. It was unknown whether anything had been stolen.

IRON BRIDGE RD. 2/28. License plates removed from victim’s vehicle.

RIVERTREE DR. 2/27 Rivermont Apartments. License plate stolen from victim’s Chevrolet Silverado.

IRON BRIDGE RD. 2/25 Iron Bridge Plaza. Purse stolen from shopping cart.

ALFAREE RD. 1/24 Kendale Acres. Suspects gained entry to the residence by breaking the crawl space door. Property was removed from beneath the residence.

ROSSINGTON BL. 3/1 Rossington. Several unlocked vehicles within the subdivision were entered and property stolen.

CENTRALIA RD. 1/15 First Baptist Church. PST Transportation LLC reported license plates were stolen from a company vehicle.

NORTH ST. 3/1 Laural Branch Farms. Unknown suspects attempted to remove a vehicle part from the victim’s maroon 1990 Ford pickup.

COSMIC RD. 3/02 Regency Lake Apartments. Front door of residence kicked open by suspects after a fight.  Suspects were run off by victims and were not able to gain entry.

MAIN ST. 2/22 Victim’s gun was stolen from his vehicle.  No signs of forced entry were found to the vehicle.

HILLTOP FARMS TR. 10/01/2010 Hilltop Farms Subdivision. Property stolen from victim’s Ford Focus.

SHERBOURNE RD. 2/26 Sherbourne Heights. Household good removed from the home.

JEFFERSON DAVIS HWY. 2/25 Jefferson Motors. Property removed from a Honda parked at the location.

JEFFERSON DAVIS HWY. 2/01 Jefferson Motors. Property removed from a 1995 Honda parked at the location.

OLD CENTRALIA RD. 3/03. Victim advised he was assaulted near the listed location and his property taken by the described suspects.


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