Police blotter

IRON BRIDGE RD 2/20 Southside Baptist Church. Suspect admitted to starting fire in woods near church.

ETHENS CASTLE DR 2/20 Brooks Chapel. Suspects admitted to starting fire in the wooded area.

TIMSBERRY CIR 2/19 Broadwater Townhouses. Suspects entered unlocked apartment through the rear door. Electronic equipment was stolen.

GREEN CEDAR LN 2/13 Treemont. Suspects gained entry to the crawl space by prying open the lock on the door and removing property.

WHITE PICKET LN 2/18 Ashton Woods North. Unknown suspects cut the screen on the rear window to gain entry to the vacant house.

MAIN ST 12/26/10 Suspects entered vacant residence and removed property. No signs of forced entry were noted.

SANDY FORD RD 2/13 Unknown suspects entered residence and removed miscellaneous property. No signs of forced entry were noted.

CHICORA DR 2/18 Hening Elementary School. Unknown suspects gained entry through a rear window. No signs of forced entry were noted. At the time, nothing was reported stolen.

WHITESTONE DR 2/13 Meadowbrook West. HVAC unit reported stolen from outside listed residence.

MEADOWVILLE BLVD 2/20 Regency Lake Apartments. Locked black 1992 Oldsmobile Bravada was entered and money was stolen.


BRENSPARK RD 2/18 Courthouse Woods. Unlocked black 1998 Nissan Sentra entered and property was stolen.

JEFFERSON DAVIS HWY 2/21 Locked black 1997 Nissan Pathfinder was entered and property was stolen.

GREENWOOD DR 2/18 Orange Hill. Victim reported the listed property was stolen from the rear of her pickup truck.

WEST HUNDRED RD 2/19 Chester Police Station. Victim reported property was stolen from her blue Chevrolet Cavalier.

BELMONT RD 2/17 Land O’Pines. Front license plate reported stolen from the victim’s 1996 Ford Expedition.

MANUEL CT 2/18 Kings Forest. License plates reported stolen from 1994 Nissan Pathfinder.

CHERRY HILL PARK LN 2/21 Winchester Green Apartments. Suspect removed the inspection sticker from the victim’s red 1998 Ford Explorer.

JEFFERSON DAVIS HWY 2/18 Falling Creek Apartments. Victim was walking to the store when he was approached by two unknown suspects who asked him for money. Victim stated he did not have any money and was hit in the head.

JEFFERSON DAVIS HWY 2/19. Victim was walking to his vehicle when suspect knocked him to the ground and went through his pockets. He then entered the victim’s vehicle and took off in it.

ARBORLAKE DR 2/11 Arbor Lake Apartments. Suspects gained entry through the unlocked side bedroom window. Jewelry and other items were stolen.

LITWACK COVE DR 2/21 Ramblewood Forest. Damage found to front door.  No entry gained.

MEADOWDALE BL 2/21 Regency Lake Apartments. Front passenger window broken out of victim’s 2001 Dodge Neon.  Property removed from the rear seat.

FORT DARLING RD 2/21 Front passenger window of 2010 Hyundai Tucson broken out and property removed.

WARFIELD RIDGE DR 2/10 Warfield Estates. Victim reported her unlocked gold 2000 Ford Focus was entered and at the time, nothing was reported stolen.

WHITEPINE RD 2/21 Chesterfield Industrial Park, Mayo & Associates. Copper tubing was reported stolen from two HVAC units.

CRICKLEWOOD DR 2/21 South Pointe Landing Apartments. Complainant reported the listed parts were stolen from the victim’s blue 1998 Honda.

MIMI AV 2/20. Victim reported his red 2006 Kawasaki 4 Wheeler was stolen from his yard.

ABERDARE DR 2/23 Salem Woods. Suspects gained entry to residence and removed property, including: firearms, jewelry, clothing, office equipment and electronics.

STRATHMORE RD 2/22 Strathmore Apartments. Victim reported Rent A Center property was removed from his residence.

STOMOWAY DR 2/23 Meadowbrook. Suspects broke the glass on the storm-door window and pried a lock on a rear window in an attempt to gain entry to the residence. At the time, nothing was reported stolen.

WILLIS RD 2/23 Sleep Inn Motel. Property was stolen from the bed of the victim’s white 1999 Ford F250.

RIVER RD 2/19 Victim stated two vehicles were entered and property was stolen from one.

WEST HUNDRED RD 2/23 Comfort Inn Motel. Two unknown suspects were observed entering a locked 2007 Chevrolet truck. Property was reported stolen.

MARINA DR 2/24 Falling Creek Apartments. Suspect approached victim outside his apartment with the door open. Suspect stated he needed to enter the victim’s residence and was told he could not come in. Suspect forced his way inside the apartment, causing the victim to flee. A few minutes later suspect exited the apartment. At the time, nothing was reported stolen.

OSBORNE RD 2/23 Three HVAC units were reported stolen from behind businesses.

OLD HUNDRED RD 2/23 John Tyler ASAP. Three HVAC units were reported stolen from behind business.

UPP ST 2/24 Henning Heights. Unlocked 1994 Honda Civic was entered and property stolen.


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