Comprehensive plan: CCA to look under the hood, CC planners will facilitate

What will Chesterfield look like in 20 years? Are there plans for new schools, fire stations or water supply within the next 10 years? Will someone be allowed to build an apartment building in that lot next to your house? These are some of the issues that are addressed in Chesterfield’s new countywide comprehensive plan. Planners and a citizen’s steering committee have been working on the plan for over a year and there is now a draft plan for public review to see just how it will affect area residents. The plan is currently being reviewed by the planning commission but there is still time for citizen input.

On March 8 at 7:00 p.m. the Chester Community Association (CCA) will host a presentation by county planners and roundtable discussion on the new plan. The CCA board of directors has appointed a committee to study the plan and to focus on issues of how the new plan incorporates the current Chester Plan that was implemented in 2005. The meeting will be held at the Chester United Methodist Church on School Street in Chester.

According to Barbara Fassett, project manager for the comprehensive plan, the meeting will not be like the community meetings held over the last months but will focus on specifics of the current Chester Plan geography and how its ideas and vision might be included in the new countywide comprehensive plan. Centralia, Chalkley, Happy Hill and part of Jefferson Davis Highway are also part of the current Chester Plan and the presentation and discussion facilitated by Fassett will give residents an opportunity to dig into the details of the plan.

Elliott Fausz, CCA president, has indicated that the group is interested in very local issues. “We really want to talk about the area that the current Chester Plan covers and what kinds of changes we’re to expect in the transition to the new plan,” said Fausz. “The CCA, and the Chester community, in general, worked hard on the current plan, and we want to make sure that our ideas, protections and vision go forward in the new plan in some manner.”

Initially, Fausz said, the meeting was going to be for CCA members only but it was decided that the entire community should have another opportunity to be involved. “Some of the information presented in the community meetings was too broad and it covered more of the process than it did the nuts and bolts of the plan. We want to get in there and look under the hood,” Fausz said.

Specific concerns will be recorded during the meeting, Fassett said. The CCA comprehensive plan committee will also follow up to assure concerns are addressed officially, said Fausz.


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