VPAP to cover Chesterfield candidates

Winning a local election has become much like state and national elections; it’s all about the money. Big money doesn’t always win an election but ask any local politician and you will hear that funding a candidacy for supervisor, sheriff, treasurer, school board or other local race can be costly. Following the money has been difficult in Chesterfield, requiring visits to the registrar’s office to obtain financial reports, until now.

The Virginian Public Access Project (VPAP) will now post financial reports of those running for election in Chesterfield.  VPAP follows financial reports of 30 different localities in Virginia posting required financial reports filed by each candidate for office.

“We follow localities where candidates raise a lot of money,” said David Poole, executive director of VPAP. “Chesterfield is now one of the bigger localities [when it comes to raising campaign funds].”

Although Chesterfield does not show up as a locality covered by VPAP currently the non-profit, non-partisan organization expects that Chesterfield will be included by mid March. Poole said that VPAP, being a non-profit, is looking for donors to support the Chesterfield postings. He said it costs VPAP about $2,000 to maintain records for a locality. Poole is seeking eight $250 contributions.

The Virginia Public Access Project can be found online at www.vpap.org.


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