A new post office

The Chesterfield and Colonial Heights News-Journal reported on Feb. 27, 1964 that “word had reached the county from Washington, D.C. that plans had been completed to build a Federal Office Building in Chesterfield, in the western edge of Chester.” The Federal building being talked about in Chester some 47-years-ago was the Chester post office, which was eventually razed to make way for the Walgreen’s at the corner of Route 10 and Centre Street.

The News-Journal article called attention to the Shepherd house that was on the property at the time. Considered a landmark, the Shepherd house had deteriorated and had been divided into apartments. The article reported the owners as being James L. Longest, a real estate man, and G. C. Crump, a motel owner. The house was valued at $119,000.

The new post office would be 3,000 square feet in size and would also be home to the Draft Board, Agricultural Stabilization Board and the Soil Conservation Service. “The post office, twice the size of the present one located on Old Hundred Road, is needed because postal workers have outgrown the current building,” the article stated.  “The action taken this week by the General Services Administration has ended all speculation as to where the new Federal Building will go and who will get it. Once again the citizens of the eastern half of Chesterfield will be able to turn their attention to the problems of the world.”


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