Truck driver bought winning ticket in Chester

Tim Mackin of Disputanta was on a winning streak.  He had stopped at the 7-Eleven on Harrowgate Road for a cup of coffee following a visit to Patient First.  “I like their coffee,” he said.  

Mackin also likes to play the lottery, mostly the scratch-off tickets.  While playing last Sunday, he won a few games and used the winnings to buy more tickets.  Finally, he told the clerk, “Just give me two Redskins Legacy tickets.  I’ve had enough fun for today.”  

For him the fun was just beginning.  One of those tickets turned out to be a $1 million winner.

“I couldn’t believe it,” he said later.  “The clerks in the store were screaming.  They took my picture.”

Last Thursday, he returned to the store to receive his check from Virginia Lottery Executive Director Paula Otto.  He had a choice between taking the full $1 million over 25 years or an immediate cash option of $622,000.  He chose the cash option.  The store received a $10,000 bonus for selling the ticket.

Mackin, who describes himself as a big Redskins fan, said the prize would come in handy because he was close to retirement from his job as a truck driver with R & L Carriers.  However, his wife disagrees that he will ever retire.  “He’s a workaholic,” she said.

Mackin said most of the money will be invested, though he’ll share some with his four children and keep a little to splurge with.

Mackin is the second $1 million winner in the Redskins Legacy game.


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