Police blotter

PERRYMONT RD 1/15 Kingsland Baptist Church. The complainant discovered a roll of toilet paper burning on the bathroom sink below a plastic plant.

JEFFERSON DAVIS HWY 12/17 An unknown suspect entered the residence and took miscellaneous items from inside. Entry was gained through an unlocked door.

COSMIC RD 1/15 Regency Lake Apartments. The rear sliding glass door was pried open at the residence and miscellaneous property was taken from inside.

COLLEGE PARK AVE 1/16 College Park. The victim was inside the residence when a suspect broke a window out with a brick in an attempt to enter. The victim hit the panic alarm to alert police and the suspect fled the area.

SYLVANIA RD 1/14 Sylvania. The victim reported that unknown suspects entered the residence through an unlocked door and took property.

GILLING RD 1/01 Rock Spring Farms. Entry to the vacant residence was forced through the rear door, where damage was found. Property was taken.

VERDICT CT 1/15 Courthouse Green Apartments. The apartment was entered and property was stolen from inside. No signs of forced entry were found, leading the victim to believe entry may have been gained through a second story window that was left unsecured.

GLEN OAKS DR 10/01/2010 Varina and Seelmann. During an extended period of time, unknown suspect/s entered the vacant residence and stole copper from inside.

PLANET RD 1/13 Regency Lake Apartments. Unknown suspect/s attempted to enter the residence by kicking at the front door.

SECOND AVE 1/15 VSU. Suspects were seen removing scrap metal from the property, which was in the process of being demolished.

CRICKLEWOOD DR 1/13 South Pointe Landing Apartments. An unknown suspect attempted to enter the victim’s vehicle by prying on the window.

SALEM CHURCH RD 1/10 Salem Church Middle School. Property was stolen from the complainant’s work vehicle.

BENSLEY PARK BLVD 12/31/2010 Winchester Green Apartments. Property was reported stolen from the victim’s vehicle.

LAUGHTER LN 1/14 Forest Lake. Miscellaneous property was stolen from the victim’s unlocked vehicle.

OAK BLUFF TL 1/13 Grand Oaks. The victim advised someone struck his vehicle, which was parked in front of his home, smashed eggs on the windshield, poured a soft drink on the hood and removed the front license plate. A second vehicle, also belonging to the victim, had eggs smashed on the windshield and an obscenity written on the hood.

W HUNDRED RD 1/12 Tags were stolen off vehicles while they were parked on the lot.

TAW ST 1/14 Rayon Park. A 1992 Honda Accord was stolen from the location and recovered in Richmond City.

BROOKSHIRE DR 1/18 Ravensdale. Unknown suspect/s busted out the lower half of the rear window in the downstairs utility room where the victim keeps two large dogs. This may have scared the suspect/s out of the residence since the victim found the back door to the residence unlocked and it should have been locked. Nothing was stolen or disturbed inside the residence.

FALLING CREEK AVE 1/17 Falling Creek. Unknown suspect/s attempted to enter the victim’s shed.

IRON BRIDGE RD 1/19 Property was reported stolen from the complainant’s truck.

SHERBOURNE RD 1/18 Sherbourne Heights. License plates were reported stolen from the victim’s gray, 1996 Chevrolet Lumina.

E HUNDRED RD 1/18 Enon Elementary School. Items were removed from a school bus, parked at the location. Several other buses, also parked there, were vandalized.

JEFFERSON DAVIS HWY 1/19 Victims were injured during an altercation at the location.

WINFREE AVE 1/19 Gill Farms. The victim returned home to find the side door pried open and property stolen from inside.

BRAEBROOK DR 12/19/2010 Braebrook Village. The back window of the victim’s shed was pried open and property was taken.

DUPUY RD 1/19 A known suspect entered a vacant apartment through a window and then went into the attic area of that apartment to gain access to the adjacent apartment. He broke through the drywall that separated the two apartments in order to enter the adjacent apartment. He then fell through the ceiling of that apartment, where he was confronted by the occupant. The suspect then fled the area.

SOUTH ST 1/19 The residence was entered through a side window and items were stolen.

GREENWOOD DR 12/04/2010 Orange Hill. Miscellaneous property was stolen from an unlocked, vacant residence.

SAND HILLS DR 1/15 Craddock Point. Entry to the residence was attempted through a rear window.

MEADOWDALE BL 1/08 Walgreens. The victim reported his disabled gray 1990 Mazda stolen from the parking lot.

HOPKINS RD 1/20 The victim returned home to find her front and back doors open and property missing from inside. The victim’s thermostat had also been turned up so that the heat was running constantly.


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