Ready for what 2011 will bring

I am preparing for a traumatic year. This year will bring big changes in the Lashley home and I am already preparing for sleepless nights and plenty of tears.  You see, the little man will be starting kindergarten this year and, if that isn’t enough in itself, our beloved Meme is retiring, which means my sweet little girl will have to go elsewhere while Mommy and Daddy hoof it to work every day (sigh).  As if this isn’t worrisome enough, I will also be turning the big 3-0 this year.  Oh 2011, please be kind to us.

As stated above, Ben will be starting kindergarten this year.  The husband has been anxious about this milestone for the last five years; I, on the other hand, have just recently become neurotic.  I worry, as every mother does, about the little things.  Educationally, I have no concerns; however, I worry constantly about the school doors being locked, the bus ride (Eek!), mean children, lunch time, potty time and the fact that for the first time in his life he will be required to wear shoes for the entire day.  I worry, I worry, I worry, but deep down I know that he will be just fine.  I hope that as the day approaches my excitement for him will grow; I am willing it to do so for his sake.  I don’t want to be the nervous, grasping mother on the first day of school, at least not in public.  I’ll come home and have a good cry, for sure, no doubt about it.  I have to embrace the fact that he is growing up and that he is beyond ready for this step in his life.  I must, I must, I must; this is going to be the year of the mantras to help me get through (again, sigh).  

Meme is retiring.  My children’s other mother, their caretaker, safe haven away from home, most wonderful human being that I have ever come into contact with.  I love this woman more than any words can describe.  She has loved my family so well and taken such care with my children that I will never be able to thank her properly; she is worth more than gold.   But, alas, all wonderful things must come to an end.  Ms. Lilian will be leaving Meme’s loving arms and going full force into the Goddard School.  I had so much anxiety over choosing a childcare facility for my children.  It was new to me; Meme has had both of them since infancy.  I took great care, as every parent does, when choosing who would be loving and caring for the kids while I was at work.  We even looked into the possibility of me staying at home, but, unfortunately, in this day and age it takes two incomes to make it work, as sad as that makes me.  I must say, though, the Goddard School has made this transition so easy for us.  

It really is difficult when touring these childcare facilities and trying to picture your children there on a daily basis.  I was horrified at some of them and knew that even if they were a smidge cheaper, it would be benign neglect to leave the kids there.  The minute I walked into the Goddard School doors (After being buzzed in, safety first!), I was cheerfully greeted by Stephen Graham (owner with wife, Paula) and from the second the tour started was ready to sign them up.  It’s a wonderfully cheerful, bright and happy place and I know that the children will flourish there.

The big 3-0 is looming.  I am not afraid of getting older by any means, but I just can’t believe that 30 years have already passed.  It’s crazy to me and it bothers me only because I feel as if I can’t keep up with time, it gets away from me.  But I will enjoy my 30s, I will, I will, I will.  And how could I not with these two wonderful children and this magnificent man, whom I love to the point that I might burst.  So 2011 give us all you’ve got, we Lashleys are ready, whether we like it or not.


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