MUSIC SHORTAGE: Schoepflin seeks donations of instruments as music program doubles.

Parents often wish “If only there were a tool to help my child better behave, see higher performance on test scores, and have something to keep them happily occupied.” That tool has been available for centuries: music.

It’s been studied and proven that when children study music, they are less likely to act out or misbehave, show more focus in their non-music classes, reduce stress, evoke memory, and boost overall performance, even in athletic activities.

So why don’t we see more children participating in band and orchestra? Because there is a shortage of instruments and funds for music departments, causing students whose parents can’t afford to purchase or rent their children instruments to be forced to turn to other electives.

, strives not only to stimulate kids’ interest in music and keep the programs alive, but has raised funds for the department and sought after instruments for those who are unable to purchase new ones.

 “I’ve recognized valedictorians and salutatorians over the years and almost always, they were students of mine, or had gone through the orchestra or chorus,” Schoepflin says.
Elizabeth Davis Middle, heading into its second year since opening last fall, will see its number of students in the music programs double this year. Schoepflin, although he’s offering a first-of-its-kind-for the county guitar class, believes it’s the students’ interest in music alone that is to account for the growth.

“There are by no means enough instruments to accommodate the 208 and growing number of students signed up this year,” Schoepflin regrets, “so we are reaching out to the community for their support and donations.”

If you have instruments sitting around collecting dust, pull them out of your attic and bring them on up to Elizabeth Davis Middle. Instruments needed most include guitars, clarinets, flutes, and trumpets, though other instruments will also be accepted. For those without instruments who wish to help, the school will accept monetary donations to be placed towards the purchase of new instruments.

Instruments can be dropped off at the school, located at 601 Corvus Ct. just off Bermuda Orchard Rd. in Enon. All who donate will receive a tax write-off for the value of their instrument, which will be appraised by Schoepflin.

For more information, call 541-4700 or email


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