Police blotter

HOPKINS RD 12/04 Entry to the residence was forced through the rear door and property was stolen from inside.

WATER OAK CT 12/03 Oakmont. The screen of the rear kitchen window had been removed, and the window was forced open. The window frame was previously broken and the victim had it held together with duct tape. The suspect used this location for entry. Miscellaneous property was stolen.

TOLBERT TR 12/02 White Oak Tree & Farm Apartments. The apartment was entered by unknown means, as no signs of force were found. Miscellaneous property was stolen.

MEADOWDALE BL 12/04 Meadowdale Townhouses. Entry was gained by removing the sliding glass door track from the door frame and then removing the glass door. Property was stolen.

QUINNFORD BL 12/04 Chesterfield County. Bellwood Manor. After an altercation with a female victim, the suspect kicked in the rear door of the residence and hid inside until police arrived and found him.

FARM FIELD DR 12/03 Hilltop Farms. The victim reported that unknown suspects had entered the residence during the overnight hours and removed miscellaneous items. Entry was gained through an unlocked door.

ALDRIDGE AVE 12/04 Boulevard Heights. The residence appeared to have been entered through an unlocked window by a known suspect. Property was stolen.

LAUREL OAK CR 12/01 Oakmont. The residence was entered through an unsecured window. Items were stolen.

MAIN ST 12/03 Two sheds on the property were entered and miscellaneous items were taken from both.

LA FON ST 11/29 Perdue Plan. The victim’s residence was entered multiple times by unknown means during the listed timeframe. On the third time, items were discovered missing. On the other times, items were just moved around. The victim decided to call police on the third time.

ARBOR MEADOWS TR 12/03 Arbor Meadows. The suspect attempted to enter the victim’s residence through a rear door during the daytime hours. The victim heard a noise at the rear door, saw the suspect and called police. The police responded and found the suspect in the area.

TIMSBURY POINTE DR 12/05 Entry to the residence was attempted through multiple rear windows and doors.

JEFFERSON DAVIS HWY 12/03 The victim was at the location when he followed the known suspect outside. At that time, he was pushed inside a vehicle, driven by the suspect and occupied by three other people. According to the victim, he was driven around for approximately four hours and finally dropped off in Richmond City, where he was beaten and robbed.

JEFFERSON DAVIS HWY 12/04 The victim was in the parking lot when the three suspects approached, demanding his money. When the victim refused, they threw him into the vehicle they were driving and took him to another location, where they beat him and took his cash. Suspects then drove off.

BARRETTA LN 12/06 A known suspect entered the residence with a key and stolen items.

RIVERTERRACE RD 12/06 River Road Terrace Apartments. Entry to the residence was forced through the front door and property was stolen.

DALEBROOK DR 12/05 Unknown suspect/s entered two sheds in the backyard of the residence and took items from both.

WARREN AVE 12/06 Old Town Creek. The suspect was attempting to force entry to the residence through the rear door when the victim scared him off.

JEFFERSON DAVIS HWY 11/24 A utility trailer and truck bed were stolen from outside a business.

LUCKYLEE CRESCENT 12/05 Meadowdale Townhouses. Property was removed from the victim’s Ford F150 pickup. The rear passenger window had been broken out.

RIVERTERRACE RD 12/04 River Road Terrace Apartments. Property was stolen from the trunk of the victim’s vehicle.

FORE CR 12/07 Courthouse Seniors Apartments. Unknown suspect/s entered the victim’s residence and took property.

RIVER RD 10/07 Miscellaneous items were taken from the exterior shed.

SECOND AVE 12/06 The residence was entered by kicking in the door. The interior was ransacked and miscellaneous items were stolen.

ROBERTSON ST 12/08 Chester. Suspect/s first attempted to enter the residence by entering the screened porch and breaking a window on the rear door. The suspects were unable to unlock the door because of a double-keyed deadbolt lock. The suspects then went around to a side window and shattered that window, at which time the victim screamed and scared the suspects off.

CATTAIL RD 12/01 The victim reported his locked, white 1995 Ford 250 entered and miscellaneous property stolen.

S BEULAH RD 12/05 Beulah Apartments. A locked, silver 2003 Honda was entered and miscellaneous property was reported stolen.

BLUFF RIDGE DR 12/08 Amstel Bluff. Suspect/s entered two residences in the area. Both were entered through a rear/side door and an extensive amount of property was stolen.

W BOOKER BL 12/07 Carver Heights. The residence was entered through a bedroom window. Property was stolen.

JEFFERSON DAVIS HWY 12/07 A red, 2010 Polaris ATV was reported stolen.

WYNNSTAY CT 12/09 Arabella at the Highlands. The victim returned home to find two doors to his residence open and property missing.

SOUTH ST 12/08 A lock was pried from a shed door. Miscellaneous property was taken.

BENSLEY PARK BL 12/09 Winchester Green Apartments. Attempts were made to enter the victim’s apartment by prying at the locks on the front door and prying at the screen on a front window.

CHALKLEY RD 12/09 Miscellaneous property was removed from the yard of the location.


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