Police blotter

DEERTRAIL DR 11/27 Beechwood. A witness saw three unknown suspects near the victim’s vehicles. At this time, nothing was reported stolen.

BLEST LN 11/28 Two locked vehicles were entered and, at this time, nothing was reported stolen.

PASSAGE WAY DR 11/23 Somerset. Property was reported stolen from the victim’s 2000 Dodge Stratus. No signs of forced entry were noted.

CHESTERFIELD MEADOWS DR 11/28 Chesterfield Meadows. An unknown suspect was seen entering the victim’s locked 1997 Jeep Cherokee. Miscellaneous property was reported stolen.

CRICKLEWOOD DR 11/28 South Pointe Landing Apartments. The victim was outside talking on his phone when the two suspects approached. As one held the gun on the victim, the other suspect took his property. Both suspects then ran off toward the woods.

LAUDEEN DR 11/29 Falling Creek Court. Entry was gained to the residence through a rear door and property was taken from inside.

ROBINWOOD DR 11/23 Entry to the residence was forced through the rear door.

PERTHWOOD LN 11/28 Oak Forest Estates. Unknown suspects entered the residence through an unknown entry point. Once inside, the suspects stole items. Damage was found to multiple window screens on the rear of the house.

HOPKINS RD 11/27 The front passenger side window to a 1994 Infiniti, parked on the lot at the listed location, was pried upon, breaking the glass. The glove box was found open.

RIVERTERRACE RD 11/24 River Road Terrace Apartments. Unknown suspect/s attempted entry to the victim’s 1996 Acura. The window molding near the passenger side mirror was found inside the vehicle. The side mirror could not be found.

EAGLE POINT RD 11/28 Chipchase. Multiple unlocked vehicles within the subdivision were entered and miscellaneous property was removed.

RUFFIN MILL RD 11/29 Walmart Corp. Tie seals were pried from the rear of several tractor trailers parked at the listed location. It was unknown at the time of the report whether any items were removed.

LIPPINGHAM TR 11/30 Lippingham. Suspect/s entered the residence through a rear window that was found open and damaged. The interior of the home had been rummaged through and miscellaneous items were stolen.

MARTINGALE RD 11/30 Colonial Ridge Apartments. The residence was entered through a bedroom window that was found open. Property was taken from inside.

DULWICH DR 11/30 Falling Creek Court. The victim said he’d seen subjects around his shed who then jumped the fence into the neighboring yard when he scared them. There was no damage done, but the victim believes they were trying to get into the shed.

GLENMORGAN DR 11/30 Stoney Glen South. Entry to the residence was forced through a rear window, which activated an alarm, scaring off the suspects.

GRAVES RD 12/01 A known suspect attempted to enter the residence through a window.

OAKLAND AVE 11/30 Chesterfield Heights. Entry to the residence was attempted through a rear window.

RIVER RD 10/30 Miscellaneous items were stolen from a cell tower site.

JEFFERSON DAVIS HWY 11/30 Port Walthall Shopping Center. Armed suspects forced an employee to open the store’s safe, removing the cash. Suspects then left the store and drove off in an unknown direction.

CANNINGTON DR 12/02 Silverleaf. Entry was gained through a rear window, which may have been left unlocked by the victims. Property was stolen.

HAPPY HILL RD 12/02 Suspect/s entered the residence through a bedroom window. Miscellaneous property was stolen.

MEADOWDALE BL 12/02 Meadowdale Townhouses. The suspect used a piece of cinderblock to shatter the rear sliding glass door of the residence. A television was stolen from inside.

HAMLIN W 12/03 Glen Oaks. Suspect/s broke the glass out of a rear sliding glass door in order to gain entry. Nothing was reported missing from inside and it was uncertain whether entry was actually gained.

BLACK OAK RD 11/24 Brentwood. Suspect/s cut the copper from underneath the residence.

JEFFERSON DAVIS HWY 12/01 Chester Masonettes. The victim reported entry to the residence was gained by unknown means and miscellaneous items were taken. No signs or force were found.

SOUTHLAND DR 12/02 Super 8 Motel. The victim reported miscellaneous property stolen from the rear of his truck.


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