Police blotter

SANDY FORD RD 10/16 An explosive device damaged two mailboxes at the location.

REEDY BRANCH RD 10/16 A lock was broken on a rear window and items were removed.

HAMPTON AVE 10/15 Beechnut Acres. An air conditioner was pushed out of a rear window, allowing entry to the residence. Property was removed.

WOODPECKER RD 10/17 Entry was possibly gained via an unlocked front window. Property was removed.

HARROW DR 10/16 Windsor Hills. The victims’ sunroom porch was gained via a sliding glass door, which was possibly left unlocked.

SANDWAVE RD 10/16 Somerset. Entry was gained through a rear kitchen window. No items were removed.

TIPTON CR 10/16 Milhorn Tract. The victim returned from out of town to find his front door kicked in and property removed from inside the home.

SYCAMORE SPRINGS DR 10/11 The window on a rear porch was pried open, allowing entry to the interior. Miscellaneous property was removed.

BROADWATER W 10/17 Broadwater Townhouses. Hearing a noise, the victim looked out to see one of the suspects o the roof of her shed, cutting the screen to an upstairs window.

S BEULAH RD 10/15 Regency Lake Apartments. Glass was broken in a rear bathroom window. The lock remained intact and entry was not gained.

MARINA DR 10/15 Falling Creek Apartments. The front door to an apartment was kicked, damaging the door frame. Entry was not gained.

RIVENDELL TR 10/12 An HVAC unit was stolen from a newly built home.

ROLLINGSIDE DR 10/13 Buckets and a trashcan containing copper and brass were taken from the victim’s yard.

INNOVATION DR 10/16 The suspect was see taking scrap metal from the dumpster at the location.

BEECHNUT AVE 9/26 Beechnut Acres. The victim reported that fuel was siphoned from two of his vehicles, which were parked in his driveway.

WINDCRY DR 10/14 Somerset. An unlocked, gold 2008 Chevrolet was entered and miscellaneous property was reported stolen.

PERDUE CT 10/15 Warfield Estates. Property was reported stolen from the victim’s unlocked 1995 Saturn.

E HUNDRED RD 10/16 Two locked vehicles were entered and miscellaneous property was reported stolen.

JEFFERSON DAVIS HWY 10/16 Bellwood Trailer Court. The license plate was reported stolen from the victim’s 2000 GMC Yukon.

CATTAIL RD 9/16 The complainant reported a black, 1979 Ford Fairmont was stolen from her sister’s property.

CAMBERWELL RD 10/16 South Pointe Landing Apartments. An armed suspect approached the victim as he exited his vehicle and demanded the victim’s property while a second suspect stood nearby. Upon taking the victim’s wallet, the armed suspect walked off with his accomplice toward the rear of the building in the direction of Chippenham Parkway.

RIVERTERRACE RD 10/18 River Road Terrace Apartments. The front door was kicked open, damaging the door jamb. The entire apartment was ransacked with property removed.

BROADWATER W 10/15 Broadwater Townhouses. The rear door to a vacant residence was kicked in.

TANNER SLIP CR 10/14 Harrowgate Place. The victims returned home from a trip to find the screens cut on several windows. Two of the screens had been pulled off and tossed under the deck.

RIVERTERRACE RD 10/20 River Road Terrace Apartments. An unknown suspect poured a flammable liquid on the front door of the apartment and set fire to it.

GLENCA DAM DR 10/19 Officers responded to the vacant residence to find two suspects inside the shed. Entry had been gained to the shed and residence using a knife.

CHESTERFIELD AVE 10/15 Ettrick. The victim reported unknown suspects entered her residence through an unlocked door and stole property from inside.

ALDRIDGE AVE 10/19 Boulevard Heights. The residence was entered through a rear window, where an AC unit was found hanging from a window. Property was found missing.

MALCOLM DR 10/19 Greenleigh Mobile Homes. Unknown suspect/s pried the rear door of the residence open and stole property from inside.

BROADWATER W 10/18 Broadwater Townhouses. Suspect/s entered the vacant apartment through a rear unlocked window where they pried the screen off.

JEAN MACHENBERG DR 10/19 The More House. Unknown suspect/s entered the office by breaking the side window. Property was stolen from inside.

CENTRE ST 10/20 In & Out Convenience. Entry to the business was forced through a side window and property was stolen.

JEFFERSON DAVIS HWY 10/12 A storage shed was forced open along the woodline at the location. Nothing appeared to be missing from inside.

GLENCA DAM DR 10/19 A witness saw two suspects fleeing from the rear of the residence. It was later discovered that the suspects had tried to enter through a rear window.

SALEM CHURCH RD 10/18 Salem Church Middle School. Items were stolen from a construction site at the school.

GATESGREEN DR 10/18 Courthouse Green. Unknown suspect/s forced entry to the victim’s 1994 Ford Explorer and took property.

KALANCHOE DR 10/19 Treemont. Three vehicles were reported entered and miscellaneous property was reported stolen.

KERWIN RD 10/19 Quail Oaks. An unknown suspect was seen inside the victim’s unlocked, silver 2001 Honda Odyssey and nothing was reported stolen.

MEADOWDALE BL 10/17 Meadowdale Townhouses. The victim reported the rear license plate was stolen from his vehicle.

WALTHALL CENTER DR 10/18 Colonial Honda. Tires and rims were reported stolen from a black, 2011 Honda Civic SL.

WOODPECKER RD 10/19 Dollar General. An armed suspect entered via the front double doors, approached the clerk working the front register, put his handgun to her back and demanded money from the register. Upon getting the cash, the suspect walked out.

BUNDLE RD 10/19 Suspect/s forced entry to the vacant residence through a rear door. Once inside, suspect/s put holes in the walls in order to steal wire. The HVAC unit was also stolen from outside of the residence.

CHESTER RD 10/21 Uppy’s Exxon. Suspect/s smashed in the front door of the business in order to enter and steal property from inside.

MAURER CT 10/20 Branders Estates. Unknown suspect/s attempted to enter a residential shed.

JEFFERSON DAVIS HWY 10/15 Holiday Trailer Park. The front license plate was reported stolen from the victim’s gray, 2004 Ford Escape.


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