C.C. Moore’s birthday ride

Charles C. Moore, Sr., 92, received his belated birthday present from his morning coffee buddies on Wednesday at the Chesterfield County Airport when a blue and yellow PT-19 landed on the runway just for him.  There had been a time or two when Moore told the story of when he fell out of a PT-19 bomber during a training exercise in 1942.  The breakfast club  that meets at McDonald’s on Jefferson Davis Highway thought they would give him the experience one last time of how those rides felt during his flight time in the service.  It was member Ralph Jones who knew of pilot Michael Kuhnert, who owns the PT-19 and offers rides in the Middle Pennisula, where the plane is based.  Moore was willing to climb aboard and take a taxi on the runway, but he wanted to keep his legs grounded.  Kuhnert said he had met many World War II servicemen who had flown the aircraft, but Moore was the first to have been departed.  Moore was very gracious to his buddies, as around 20 were in attendance for the event, which included some of his Lions Club members.  He said, “It brought back old times.”


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