Police blotter

MARKVIEW LN 9/18 Meadowbrook Apartments. A known suspect forced entry to the apartment and assaulted the victim inside.

GARY AVE 9/19 Searcy. The front door of the residence was kicked in and the interior was ransacked. Property was stolen.

LOST FOREST CT 9/13 Cleveland Cement Contractors Inc. Unknown suspect/s entered the victim’s unlocked shed and removed miscellaneous property from inside.

SECOND AVE 9/17 Entry to the residence was attempted through a side window. Suspect/s also vandalized a car that was parked outside of the residence.

IRON BRIDGE RD 9/13 Dominion Power. Suspect/s cut a hole through a chain link fence surrounding the perimeter and stole an unknown amount of copper from within the substation.

HOPKINS RD 9/03 Suspect/s cut holes in the fence surrounding the perimeter of the cell tower and removed miscellaneous property from inside.

JEFFERSON DAVIS HWY 9/12 The victim reported that his disabled blue 1999 Dodge Neon was stolen.

BRANDERS BRIDGE RD 9/19 A black 2007 Suzuki motorcycle was reported stolen.

HILLER DR 9/20 Greenleigh Mobile Homes. A known suspect entered the victim’s trailer and was removing property when the victim called police.

ROTUNDA LN 9/19 Mount Blanco on the James. Unknown suspect/s entered the home under construction and removed miscellaneous property.

HOPKINS RD 9/17 Hopkins Elementary School. Entry to the school was gained through an exterior door that was found unlocked. Several areas of the school were found disturbed and miscellaneous property was reported stolen.

SUMMER ARBOR LN 9/20 Arbor Landing. Unknown suspect/s attempted to enter multiple houses in the area.

COUGAR TL 9/19 Harrowgate Park. An unknown suspect attempted to enter the concession stand at Harrowgate Park.

SALEM CHURCH RD 9/17 Salem Church Middle School. Construction material was stolen from outside the school.

CAMBERWELL RD 9/19 South Pointe Landing Apartments. Property was removed from the victim’s locked Nissan Sentra. No signs of forced entry were noted.

CHESTERFIELD AVE 9/20 Ettrick Elementary School. Property was removed from a school bus.

HARROWGATE RD 9/19 Property was removed from the victim’s locked 2005 Ford Freestyle SUV. No signs of forced entry were noted.

FENESTRA CR 9/20 Salem Woods. During an altercation with the victim, the suspect drove off in the victim’s vehicle.

JEFFERSON DAVIS HWY 9/23 Bellwood Trailer Court. The victim had just returned home after being involved in a fight at a bar with the suspects. As he exited his vehicle, the same suspects confronted him. During the altercation, the victim was stabbed.

FOX HUNT TL 9/22 McCormick Woods. A known suspect kicked in the front door to the victims’ home, took the keys to the victims’ ATV, and then drove off on the vehicle. The ATV was later recovered in Dinwiddie.

PHILBROOK RD 9/22 Meadowdale. The complainant was upstairs when she heard the house alarm. Officers responded and found the weather stripping had been pried back from the door frame near the strike plates on the front door.

IRON BRIDGE RD 9/17 Ironbridge Nursery. Aluminum fence posts were stolen from the storage area.

THORNINGTON DR 9/22 Centralia Gardens. An unlocked silver 1996 Honda was entered and property was stolen.

ELOKOMIN AVE 9/22 Bellmeade. License plates were reported stolen from the victim’s black 1981 Ford F150.

BERMUDA CROSSROAD LN 9/22 Property was removed from the victim’s purse, which was possibly left unattended in her cart as she shopped.

RUTLEDGE AVE 9/21 Orange Hill. A green 1995 Dodge Caravan was reported stolen from the victim’s residence.

COMMONS PZ 9/22 Courthouse Commons S.C. The victim was approached in the parking lot by one of the suspects, armed with a handgun, and forced into his vehicle. As the second suspect jumped into the rear seat of the victim’s vehicle, the victim was told to drive. The victim was directed to a second location where he was robbed of his property. Both suspects then jumped out of the vehicle and ran off.

JEFFERSON DAVIS HWY 9/23 Shady Hill Trailer Park. The victim was sitting on his porch when the armed and masked suspect approached, demanding his money. When the victim replied that he didn’t have any, the suspect reached into the victim’s pockets, taking his wallet. The victim struggled with the suspect, pushing the firearm away. At that time, the suspect broke free and ran off.

SUMMERLEAF DR 9/23 Orchard Hill. Suspect/s gained entry through an unlocked rear door and removed property.

FALLING CREEK AVE 9/24 Falling Creek. A residential shed was entered and a blue and white 1987 Yamaha motorcycle was stolen.

RIVER RD 9/22 A residence was entered and miscellaneous items were taken from inside. Suspect/s used a set of keys to steal a silver 2001 Ford pickup from outside of the residence.

REMORA DR 9/23 Salem Woods. The victim reported miscellaneous property stolen from the rear of his white 2005 Chevrolet.

RIVERTERRACE RD 9/05 River Road Terrace Apartments. The victim reported property stolen from her unlocked vehicle.


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