Police blotter

OMO RD 9/11 Kings Forest. A known suspect stabbed the victim during an altercation at the residence.

WATERFOWL FLYWAY 9/10 Woodland Pond. An unknown suspect forced entry to the residence through the pedestrian door at the rear of the garage and possibly exited through the French doors in the kitchen area. The victim reported no items stolen, although there were valuable items in plain view in the residence.

LOCKBERRY RIDGE LP 9/12 Hollymeade. Unknown suspect/s entered the unlocked garage and stole property from inside.

COUGAR TL 9/10 Harrowgate Meadows. Miscellaneous property was stolen from the open garage of a house under construction.

S MELBECK RD 9/09 Rock Spring Farms. Miscellaneous items were stolen from an unlocked shed.

HICKORY RD 9/02 The residence was entered by unknown means and property was stolen.

CHESDIN LANDING DR 9/10 Chesdin Landing. A vacant house was entered with no signs of force. Copper tubing was cut from an A/C unit, as well as from inside walls.

MERIDIAN AVE 9/05 An unknown suspect entered the open garage and removed miscellaneous property from inside.

E HUNDRED RD 9/10 Enon Elementary School. The complainant found the door of a classroom trailer unlocked and a light on inside. An off-white powder covered all of the surfaces inside the trailer. A broken light bulb was found on the floor just inside the doorway. The powder in the trailer was consistent with the dry chemical used in fire extinguishers.

E HUNDRED RD 9/01 Rivermont Presbyterian Church. Suspect/s entered the church shed and removed property from inside.

JEFFERSON DAVIS HWY 9/10 Chimney Corner Motel & Park. The victim was found dead in her residence.

BEECHWOOD AVE 9/12 Dominion Virginia Power. Unknown suspect/s entered the substation and removed wire from inside the perimeter.

BEECHWOOD AVE 9/12 Dominion Virginia Power. An alarm was received from the substation and when officers responded, they discovered a hole in the chainlink fence and miscellaneous property missing from inside.

SOUTH ST 9/10 Entry was forced to the victim’s locked, tan 2001 Nissan Sentra. Property was reported stolen.

LOGANWOOD DR 9/12 Happy Hill Farms. A black 1991 Nissan Pathfinder was reported stolen from the victim’s residence.

WALNUT DR 9/12 7-Eleven. An armed and masked suspect entered the store, demanding cash. After getting the cash, the suspect told the clerk to get on the floor and then left.

W HUNDRED RD 9/11 The suspect approached a teller and demanded money. Upon receiving that cash, he turned to a second teller, ordering her to hand over the cash from her drawer. The suspect then walked out.

MEADOWDALE BL 9/12 Regency Lake Apartments. Entry to the residence was gained by unknown means, as there were no signs of forced entry found.

FALLING CREEK CR 9/11 Amphill Heights. Entry was gained to the vacant residence and property was stolen.

KINGSLAND RD 9/14 Property was stolen from a residential garage, which was entered by kicking a door open.

WOODLANDPOND PY 9/13 Woodland Pond. The residence was entered through an unsecured door and property was stolen.

CLIFFSIDE DR 9/11 Harbour East Village. Property was stolen from the residence. Entry may have been gained through an unlocked door.

LIGHT ST 9/15 Entry to the residence was attempted through a bedroom window.

JEFFERSON DAVIS HWY 9/14 Unknown suspect/s entered the victim’s unlocked vehicle and removed property from inside.

CORAPEAKE PL 9/13 Chesdin Landing. Miscellaneous property was stolen from an unlocked 1996 BMW.

W HUNDRED RD 9/14 Chester Village Green. Unknown suspect/s entered the victim’s unlocked vehicle and removed property from inside.

HEATHSTEAD RD 9/13 Ascot Forest. During the overnight hours, unknown suspect/s siphoned gasoline from the victim’s 2007 Chevy pickup.

ROLLINGSIDE CT 9/14 Forest View. The victim’s Dodge pickup truck was stolen from the residence and later recovered in Petersburg.

ARBOR CROFT W 9/15 Arbor Landing. Unknown suspect/s entered through an unlocked front window and stole items from inside.

HOPKINS RD 9/14 Beulah Methodist Church. Unknown suspect/s kicked in the door to the snack shed and stole property from inside.

DALEBROOK DR 8/25 The overhead door of the vacant business had a panel knocked out and a bucket was set beneath the opening. Apparent entry was made through this opening. The interior of the building was rummaged through and miscellaneous property was stolen.

BEACH RD 9/15 The victim reported miscellaneous property stolen from his unlocked 2005 Dodge Dakota.

HUNTERSTAND LN 9/14 Huntingcreek Hills. Miscellaneous property was reported stolen from the victim’s unlocked Ford Econoline E150.

COACH RD 9/14 The victim reported property stolen from his locked, red Ford Mustang.

JEFFERSON DAVIS HWY 9/15 Bellwood Trailer Court. The victim reported that her unlocked, black 1993 Chevrolet Caprice, which had the keys inside, was stolen.

OMAHA ST 9/16 Crescent Park. Miscellaneous property was removed from an attached shed.

OLD ZION HILL RD 9/11 King’s Forest. The unattached shed, left with the padlock on the hasp, but unlocked, was entered and miscellaneous items were removed.

HOPKINS RD 9/17 Adams Automotive. The front window to the right of the main door was broken out. Entry was not gained.

BEULAH RD 9/15 Beulah Elementary School. Unknown suspect/s attempted to enter a storage shed by removing a lower portion of the door, but entry was not gained.

FIELDING RD 9/13 Happy Hill Farms. While the victim was out of town, unknown suspect/s attempted to enter the residence by pulling/prying on the front door, damaging the frame.

IRON BRIDGE RD 9/16 Miscellaneous property was reported stolen from the open bed of the victim’s silver 2006 Dodge Ram 1500PU.

HICKORY RD 9/03 The victim reported miscellaneous property stolen from his unlocked 2001 Isuzu.

ROWANTY CR 9/17 Daniel Court Apartments. A brush fire was found behind the apartment complex.


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