Siblings have a special bond

As I sit here writing this, my two beloved children are playing together nicely on the floor. No matter where the big guy is, his little sister is sure to follow. She has not quite mastered the art of crawling yet, but we figure she slithers like a snake wherever she wants to go. After placing her on a blanket on the floor, surrounded by her many toys, I left the room for maybe three seconds only to come back and find that she had managed to get all of herself minus her head under the couch; there, I found her happily gnawing on a big Lego (The small ones she could choke on are kept upstairs out of her reach.). I don’t know how she accomplished this, but I think she slithered. She is so busy and wants to be with Ben 24/7; it does warm the heart to see them together and I only hope that it will last.

As said above, she has many toys, none of which hold her interest. She would much rather play with Ben’s toys. From Transformers, the mega Lego blocks, Trios and his Matchbox cars, she’s there and grabbing for them faster than you can blink. It’s really quite funny and my little man gets so mad at her, but doesn’t want to fuss at her. He just says, “Lil,” drawn out to last about 10 seconds and then he gently takes away whatever it is that she has confiscated. I’m so proud of the big brother that he has become.

If Ben is within her reach, she is grabbing at him, mouth wide open ready for a sloppy kiss. When he walks in the room she lights up like a Christmas tree, and when he dances around and acts goofy she gets so tickled that I start laughing. The joy of parenting two children amazes me everyday, the love you feel is overwhelming and the tenderness that is shown between the two is profound. I am a sibling and watching them makes me love my brother a little more, remembering how it was when we were little. I can only hope that this love between them lasts; I’m almost certain that it will, however, it will be put to the test on more than one occasion, just as it has been in my life.

I know it won’t be long before they are tattling, fighting and just downright loathing the existence of each other. But, for now, I will relish this love that they have and hope that I get another year out of this love fest. Siblings share a very special bond and I believe it’s because they essentially share a childhood. The memories, the stories are all part of them both and that will be the cement that holds them together through the years. It’s my job to make sure that the cement is made of all the right stuff and as the years go by it never cracks.


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