Police Blotter: January 20, 2010

COGBILL RD 1/08 Meadowbrook High School. A fire was set in a trash can in a restroom at the school.

MEADOWDALE BL 1/08 Regency Lake Apartments. Unknown suspect/s gained entry to the residence by busting a hole in the front kitchen window. Property was taken from inside.

E RIVER RD 1/09 A residence was entered through the front door, where pry marks were found. Property was taken.

HALLMARK DR 1/07 Lake Farms. A residence was entered, possibly through an unlocked window, and property was taken.

HALLOWAY AVE 1/09 Unknown suspect/s kicked in the side door of the residence. Nothing was disturbed or missing.

BRAXTON CLUB WY 1/10 Braxton Club Subdivision. Multiple windows were broken out of the clubhouse and entry was gained to the interior. Nothing appeared to be missing.

WATERVIEW DR 1/08 Waterside Apartments. An apartment door was found ajar, but nothing was disturbed or missing from inside, possibly indicating that entry was not gained. No signs of force were found.

MEADOWDALE BL 1/09 Meadowdale Library. Property was reported stolen from complainant’s unlocked vehicle.

EVELYN DR 1/11 Craddock Point. Two unlocked vehicles were entered and property was reported stolen.

JEFFERSON DAVIS HWY 1/10 K-Mart. A GPS was reported stolen from the victim’s 1993 Ford Taurus.

MARINA DR 1/08 Falling Creek Apartments. An unknown suspect was observed removing the front decals from the victim’s license plate on her 2002 Oldsmobile.

INDIAN HILL RD 1/09 Property was reported stolen from the victim’s locked black 1999 Kenworth truck.

JEFFERSON DAVIS HWY 1/09 Roadrunner Trailer Court. Residence discovered fully engulfed in flames and smoke.

JEFFERSON DAVIS HWY 1/10 K-Mart. Complainant reported a blue 1988 Dodge Dakota stolen.

LANSMILL DR 1/10 A silver 2003 Chevrolet Cavalier was reported stolen from the victim’s residence.

IRON BRIDGE RD 1/10 Victim met the suspects, and one of the suspects displayed a handgun, forced him into the rear seat of their vehicle and took property from him. The victim exited the vehicle and the suspects drove off.

RYCLIFF AVE 1/11 Rayon Park. An unknown suspect entered the house through an unlocked front door. When the occupants of the residence confronted the suspect, he fled the residence in vehicle.

COMMONS PZ 1/08 Courthouse Commons S.C. The front license plate was reported stolen from a 2002 Dodge Durango.

GOOLSBY AVE 1/11 The front license plate was reported stolen from the victim’s vehicle.

SWIFTRUN RD 1/11 Silvas AC Auto Repair. Catalytic converters were reported stolen from several vehicles.

HACKNEY CR 1/12 Old Coach Hills. Attempted entry to the residence through the rear door.

HARROWGATE RD 1/04 Suspect/s removed items from inside and outside a vacant residence during the extended time of occurrence.

OMO RD 1/13 Kings Forest. A locked black 1997 Nissan Maxima was entered and, at this time, nothing was reported stolen.

IRON BRIDGE RD 1/13 An unlocked 1995 Dodge Ram 1500PU was entered and property was reported stolen.

PERKINSON RD 1/11 Perkinson Heights. Property was reported stolen from the victim’s unlocked vehicle.

MEADOWDALE BL 1/13 Regency Lake Apartments. An unlocked black 1994 Honda was entered and property was reported stolen.

BELLBROOK DR 1/13 North Beulah Village. Two vehicles, one of which was unlocked, were entered. Miscellaneous property was reported stolen.

HOPKINS RD 1/09 Falling Creek Elementary School. A victim advised he was walking with another subject in the area of the above location when the suspects approached. Displaying handguns, the suspects told the victims to get on the ground and searched them, taking property. The suspects then left.


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