Police Blotter: January 13, 2010

S CHALKLEY RD 12/28 Kroger. Unknown suspect/s forced entry into the vacant building and removed a significant amount of copper pipe and wiring from inside over an extended period of time.

BUTTEVANT DR 12/28 Victim reported items missing from her vehicle after the vehicle was towed from the scene of an accident.

LOCKBERRY RIDGE 12/28 Property was stolen from the victim’s 1994 Acura Integra, which may have been left unlocked.

HICKORY RD 12/28 Victim’s GMC Suburban was removed from the property while she was out of town.

KINGSLAND RD 12/28 Spencers. Two suspects entered the store. One went to the drink counter, while the other walked to the register and demanded money. The clerks did not give the suspect any money. At that time, both suspects left the store.

MEADOWDALE BL 12/29 Regency Lake Apartments. Entry was gained to the rear of the apartment and property was stolen.

TURNER RD 12/29 Entry to the outbuilding was forced and property was stolen.

BEAUMONT AVE 12/29 Central Park. A residential shed was entered and property stolen. No signs of force were found.

SILVERTREE LN 12/29 Tinsberry Trace. Front license plate was reported stolen from the victim’s 1989 Chevrolet, which was parked in front of his residence.

CHESTERFIELD AVE 12/29 A Gray 1991 Honda Accord was stolen from a repair shop.

JEFFERSON DAVIS HWY 12/29 Blanca Latino Market. Unknown suspects entered the store, armed with weapons, and demanded money from the register. After receiving the cash from the clerk, the suspects fled the area on foot.

MEADOWDALE BL 12/29 Ampthill Post Office. The victim was entering her vehicle when an unknown suspect used a knife to cut her purse from her shoulder. During the struggle, the victim suffered minor injuries. The suspect fled the area.

BUTLER LN 12/30 Grassland. Entry was gained to a vacant house and property was stolen.

WOOD DALE RD 12/30 Holly Hills. Suspect/s entered the unlocked residence and removed property from inside.

MEADOWDALE BL 12/30 Regency Lake Apartments. Victim’s apartment was entered through an unlocked door and property was stolen.

COACH RD 12/30 An unlocked and running green 2000 Buick Regal was reported stolen from a parking lot.

BARNWOOD DR 12/30 Meadowbrook Farm. Victim and several friends were hanging out on the street when a vehicle pulled up and several suspects exited. The suspectsphysically assaulted the victim and took items from his pockets. The suspects then fled the area in the vehicle.

WINDSEEKER CT 1/02 Harrowgate Place. Unknown suspect/s detonated an improvised explosive device outside a residence. Remnants of a bottle were found in the area.

LAKE CAROLINE DR 1/01 Kingsland Glen. Suspects entered the vacant residence through an unlocked door. The interior was damaged and the suspects were taken into custody.

REMUDA DR 12/31 Dupont Village. The victim returned home to find the rear door forced open and items missing from inside.

BLITHE DR 1/02 Gay Farms. An unknown suspect forced entry into the attached garage through a side door.

WATERVIEW DR 1/02 Waterside Apartments. Victims returned home from an extended time away to find the front door partially open. No damage was noted and nothing appeared to be missing.

MARINA DR 12/30 Falling Creek Apartments. The front door of the victim’s apartment was forced open, but nothing appeared to be missing.

MARINA DR 1/03 Falling Creek Apartments. Unknown suspects forced entry to the residence through the front door and stole property from inside.

SEAMIST RD 1/03 Somerset. Victim returned home and found that the side door of the residence had been forced open.

IRON BRIDGE RD 1/04 Spencers Exxon. Unknown suspect/s attempted to pry open the door to the store office. When that attempt failed, it appears the suspect then broke the glass window and gained entry. Cash was taken from inside.

COGBILL RD 12/29 Suspect/s stole the HVAC unit from outside a vacant residence.

PLANET RD 1/01 Regency Lake Apartments. Witness saw two unknown suspects enter the victim’s red Toyota Celica and at this time nothing was reported stolen.

MEADOWDALE BL 1/03 Meadowdale Townhouses. Two locked vehicle were entered and property was reported stolen.

COURTHOUSE RD 1/03 L.C. Bird High School. Property was reported stolen from an unlocked county school bus.

ROCKBASKET LN 12/20 Rockhaven. Firearms were reported stolen from the victim’s unlocked black 1998 Chevrolet Silverado, which was parked in his driveway.

BURNT OAK DR 1/03 Ivywalk Apartments. Multiple locked vehicles were entered and property was reported stolen.

MEADOWDALE BL 1/02 Regency Lake Apartments. A 2004 Chevrolet Trailblazer was reported stolen during the night.

JEFFERSON DAVIS HWY 1/01 Shady Hill Trailer Park. Victim said the suspect approached him, placed a handgun to his forehead, walked with him for several yards and demanded his cash. When the victim told the suspect he was going to call the police, the suspect ran off.

JEFFERSON DAVIS HWY 1/01 Food Lion. Suspect approached the victim as she was loading groceries into her car. Displaying a small knife, the suspect demanded the victim’s purse. The victim screamed and the suspect fled on foot. The suspect was later located and taken into custody.

COGBILL RD 1/01 A shot was fired into a front window of the occupied residence. No injuries occurred.

GATESGREEN DR 1/01 Courthouse Green. A shot was fired into an occupied residence shortly after midnight. No injuries occurred.

STONEY CREEK TR 1/05 A known suspect gained entry to the residence using the code to the garage. The interior door was then kicked open. The interior of the residence was rummaged through and items were stolen.

HOPKINS RD 1/05 Harrington, Moran and Barksdale Inc. Unknown suspect/s gained entry into the garage located behind the vacant house at this address. The hasp to the padlock was removed from the side door of the garage and entry was gained. A silver 1996 Honda and a white 2000 Acura were stolen.

RIVER TERRACE RD 1/05 River Road Terrace Apartments. A residence was entered through a bedroom window that was forced open and property was stolen.

CENTRALIA RD 1/05 A purse was reported stolen from the victim’s unlocked gold 1999 Ford Windstar.

MARINA DR 1/05 Falling Creek Apartments. Two locked vehicles were entered and property was reported stolen.

LOYAL AVE 1/05 Laurel Branch Farms. The victim said her unlocked and running blue 2000 Toyota Camry was stolen.

LIBERTY WY 1/05 The victim reported his blue 2005 Scion XB stolen.

LOCKBERRY RIDGE 1/06 Pry marks were found on an exterior garage door. The door knob on the door leading from the garage into the house was loose, allowing access to the interior. Property was determined to be missing.

SHEFFIELD PL 1/06 The screen to a rear sliding glass door was found knocked off its track. No entry was gained.

W. HUNDRED RD 1/04 J.P. Elliot Masonry and Concrete. Property was removed from the rear yard.

HOPKINS RD 1/06 Meadowbrook Plaza. Fuel was siphoned from victims’ vehicles.

DALESHIRE DR 1/05 The rear license plate was reported stolen from the victim’s green 1998 Ford Ranger.

LIBERTY WY 1/06 License plates were reported stolen from the victim’s gray 2004 Chevrolet Impala.

N. ENON CHURCH RD 1/06 Reynolds Metals Co. License plates were reported stolen from the victim’s 2001 Nissan pickup.

CHESTERFIELD AVE 1/07 Unknown suspect/s pushed a window air conditioning unit from a side window in order to gain entry. Property was taken.

GERMONT AVE 1/07 Bellwood Heights. A residential garage was broken into overnight and items were taken. The point of entry was through the back door of the garage. There was a lock on the back door, but the suspect/s pried open the hinge to gain entry.

HALLOWAY AVE 1/07 Suspect/s entered the detached shed and removed property from inside. No signs of force were found.

E PRESTONWOOD AVE 1/07 Beechwood. HVAC unit stolen from outside a residence.

JEFFERSON DAVIS HWY 1/07 Falling Creek Apartments. A North Carolina license plate was reported stolen from the victim’s 1997 Dodge Avenger.


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