Couple posing as utilities workers robs home

A woman in the 3200 block of West Hundred Road was not suspicious of a man and woman posing as contractors for the Chesterfield County utilities department last week when she allowed them into her home to take water samples. While one suspect took water samples in the kitchen, keeping the homeowner busy, the other robbed the home. The suspected thieves made off with a small safe, among other things.

Chesterfield’s utilities department took immediate action to alert potential victims of the distract-and-rob tactic.

“We don’t have contractors who do this kind of work,” said Roy Covington, director of utilities for the county. “We would never enter a neighborhood unannounced.”

Covington added that all utilities vehicles are marked with a Chesterfield decal, and workers are in uniform and carry county identification. He said if someone comes to your door suggesting that they are a utility worker, you should ask for a county badge. If you are still unsure, call the utilities department or the police.

“We don’t want others to be victims of this hoax,” said Crime Prevention Officer K.S. Gordon. “The victim was very lucky she was not harmed.”

If you have any question about utilities workers in your neighborhood, call the Chesterfield Utilities Department at 748-1310 or the Chesterfield County Police at 748-1251.


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