Good Guys in Sport: Eddie Goss

One of my great joys in writing for the Village News has been getting to know Eddie Goss. I had known of Goss for decades, but didn’t really know him. I did know that he was a very successful coach at every stop along the way, and even though he has replaced a sharp-looking suit with a more casual look on the sidelines, his professional demeanor is still very much present.

I learned that Goss has his roots in Appalachia. Folks from that part of the country are just different. They are hard and humble workers that truly care about their fellow man. There is simply a “niceness” that flows from this part of the country.

Goss was the first “good guy” I identified as I began to think about this feature. It all became clear to me after a really tough loss in last year’s state basketball tournament.

The Knights were outmatched that afternoon at William and Mary Hall. The opponent was bigger, stronger and faster, but Goss had the Knights ready to play. The game in fact came down to the buzzer, when a wonderful move to the hoop resulted in a shot that just didn’t fall.

In the press room, Goss was just so gracious toward the press, opposing players and coaches, referees and his own players. There were opportunities to be critical of calls and decisions made by his own team, but it never happened. Goss took the high ground, just as many coaches and former players have told me is always the case with him.

Eddie Goss, we’re proud to have you as a coach in Chester and we recognize you as one of the true good guys in sport.

I hope you have enjoyed this summer feature, which concludes today. I have discovered many good guys and gals out there who deserve recognition and it is my hope that the feature will return for another eight-week stint next summer. The Next Level was a popular feature last school year and it is my intention to have it up and running again in a month or so. That being said, there is only one of me and I do need your help. If you are a parent, friend, coach or athletic director who knows of a Bird, Dale, Matoaca, Meadowbrook or Community graduate playing college sports, please drop me an e-mail at


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