A little love for my valentine

Feb 10, 2010 - 2:18:38 PM

As Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, I have to do something a little different here.  I want to tell you all about my valentine.  Now, we know that being  mothers we have more than one valentine, and it’s kind of obvious that the boy is my number one; however, my real valentine is number “I was here first.”  That’s right, you guessed it: my husband.

Brian, my husband (Yes, he has a name!), puts up with a lot.  That would be a lot from me and a lot from the boy.  He is, by far, the greatest man to ever walk these Chester streets.  I don’t even know where to begin. Oh yes, the wedding.  My husband, since day one, has had an enormous amount of patience with me.  I have a tendency to be a little distracted and flighty at times.  Our wedding could have been a total nightmare, but my wonderful husband helped pull off a beauty.  Between the two of us attending classes, working, interning at a local magazine and trying to have a social life, the wedding was on its way to being at City Hall.  But he knew that I wanted the whole nine yards, the dress, the cake and the organ played at the church.  He helped make all of that happen.  Our union was off to a good start. 

Once parenthood rolled around, he impressed me even more.  He is so thoughtful to me and to our little one.  He was up as much, if not more, than I was at 2 a.m. feeding, changing and rocking the baby.  And then he would get up and go to work all day!  He does laundry, washes dishes and even picks up after himself; all rare and excellent qualities in a man.  But that’s not what makes him so wonderful.  Nor is it his gorgeous brown eyes or his beautiful smile.  It’s his amazingly open and loving heart. 

This man has made my life complete and I wanted you all to know that he is the one who makes this family machine roll along so smoothly that I can share our stories with you.  He is the man who lies in the floor with our son every night and allows little Ben to climb on him like Mt. Everest, who plays cars and “robops” (Ben language) with him.  He is the one who has the magic touch with the Transformers and can make them do all kinds of things.  He is Daddy, the hero and the strong one who can do anything and fix everything.
This man has made me the person I am today.  Because of him, I know that whatever goal I set before myself, I will accomplish it, because he is a tower of strength behind me.  He is my love, my best friend and my most. So, all of you be sure to tell your valentines how much you love them on this Valentine’s Day and every day thereafter.  Happy Valentine’s Day.  

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