Police Blotter

GARY AVE 7/12 Ivey Acres. Property was removed from the victim’s unlocked 1992 Ford Tempo while it was parked at a friend’s residence.

HUNDRED RD 7/15 Property was removed from the trunk of the victim’s vehicle. No signs of forced entry were noted.

JEFFERSON DAVIS HWY 7/01 Quality Motors. Property was removed from a locked Honda Civic parked on the lot. The driver’s door appeared to have been pried.

POINT OF ROCKS RD 7/15 Chesterfield Manor. A disabled vehicle was determined to be missing from the listed location, where it had been left by the complainant.

GOOLSBY AVE 7/17 Unknown suspect/s set fire to one vehicle parked at the location and attempted to burn a second vehicle also parked there.

MACANDREW CT 7/16 Lydenwood. The side door to a residence was kicked in and miscellaneous property was removed.

KAY RD 7/16 Ranch Acres. Entry was gained by forcing open a basement door and property was taken.

SILVERTREE CT 7/17 Tinsberry Trace. Entry was gained by forcing open a rear door to the residence and property was taken.

JEFFERSON DAVIS HWY 7/17 Entry was possibly gained by breaking the Plexiglas out of the door frame to the apartment. While taking that information, officers were advised that property was missing from another apartment.

BRIDGESIDE PL 5/15 Stonebridge. Entry was attempted by moving a planter under a side window, climbing onto it and pulling out the window. Nothing was taken.

CENTRALIA RD 7/18 Spencer’s. Unknown suspect/s attempted to force open the front door to the business.

JEFFERSON DAVIS HWY 7/16 Property was stolen from the location.

CROFTON RD 7/16 Chipchase. Unknown suspect/s entered the victim’s unlocked vehicle and rummaged through the glove box and center console.

CHESTER VILLAGE DR 7/01 Chester Village Green. Items were removed from the victim’s vehicle at some point during the listed timeframe. The victim said the windows had been left partially down.

WOODS EDGE RD 7/03 Bethesda Baptist Church. License plates were removed from the victim’s 1995 Jeep, which had been left at the location after it broke down.

EMBLEM DR 7/16 Dominion Equipment Supply Co. A Ford F250 work pickup, left unlocked with the keys inside, was stolen from the driveway.

JEFFERSON DAVIS HWY 7/17 The victim said the suspect drove off with his Qingqi scooter.

MALCOLM DR 7/15 Greenleigh Mobile Homes. A disabled scooter was stolen from the area, where it had been left for repairs.

JEFFERSON DAVIS HWY 7/17 Virginia Automotive Services. An unlocked vehicle, with keys left inside, had been driven into the bay doors of the business. While investigating another complaint, officers determined the identity of the suspect.

JEFFERSON DAVIS HWY 7/18 The victim had just entered his vehicle, parked in the rear parking lot, when he saw the three suspects together. One of the suspects approached, displayed a handgun, and ordered the victim to throw his money and cell phone out the window. After the victim threw some cash onto the ground, he drove off.

BOLLINGER DR 7/17 Bollinger Estates. The front door to the residence was kicked in. As victims were forced to the floor by armed and masked suspects, the audible alarm sounded, causing suspects to flee.

JEFFERSON DAVIS HWY 7/18 Falling Creek Apartments. A known suspect entered the residence, assaulted the victims and took property.

MARKVIEW CT 7/20 Meadowbrook Apartments. The victim arrived home and, as he put his key in the door, two unknown suspects fled out of the door. One of the suspects struck the victim as he ran out of the door. Nothing appeared to be missing from the residence. Entry was apparently gained through a front window.

JEFFERSON DAVIS HWY 7/19 Roadrunner Trailer Court. A known suspect entered the victim’s trailer through an unlocked door and assaulted the victim.

NORTH LIGHT DR 7/12 Somerset. Entry to the vacant residence was forced through a front window. Nothing appeared to be missing from inside.

OLD STAGE RD 7/02 VA Dominion Power. Unknown suspect/s entered the gated area and removed copper wire from an unlocked shed, as well as from the back of bucket trucks. No signs or force were found to the gated area.

MELODY RD 7/14 Garland Heights. Forcible entry to the residence was attempted through the front door, where damage was found.

STATUTE CT 7/20 Courthouse Green Apartments. The front door of the residence was kicked open. Entry was not gained.

HOPKINS ST 7/19 Orange Hill. An unknown suspect attempted to enter the victim’s residence through several rear windows where screens were found raised up.

HUNDRED RD 6/22 Second Baptist Church. Miscellaneous items were removed from inside of the building, which is currently under construction.

REGAL GROVE LN 7/17 Kings Grove. The victim reported her vehicle stolen after she left it running in her driveway. The victim later recovered her vehicle in Richmond.

HILL ST 7/19 Milhorn Tract. A motor scooter was stolen from the residence.

COLDSTREAM DR 7/20 Berwick Village Apartments. A known suspect entered the residence through an unsecured front door and removed items from inside.

COLDSTREAM DR 5/25 Berwick Village Apartments. A known suspect forced entry to the residence through the front door and assaulted one of the victims while she lay in bed. The second victim arrived home and interrupted the incident.

RHODES LN 7/20 WM Harman Construction Inc. Unknown suspect/s entered the barn and took copper from inside.

MACBETH CT 7/18 Kings Forest. Unknown suspect/s entered the vacant residence by forcing the rear door open causing damage to the door jamb. Nothing appeared to be missing.

CENTRALIA RD 7/21 Spencer’s. Unknown suspect/s forced entry to the business through the front door. Property was stolen.

NORTHWOOD DR 7/19 An HVAC unit was stolen from outside the residence.

ARBOR LANDING CT 7/19 Arbor Landing. A 2008 Toyota Yaris was entered and property was reported stolen. No signs of forced entry were noted.

MATOACA RD 7/20 Property was reported stolen from the victim’s vehicle.

OLD STAGE RD 7/19 Balch Auto and Collision. A black, 1995 International Harvester was reported stolen.

JULEP DR 7/21 Colonial Pine Estates. A Qinqi motorscooter was reported stolen from the victim’s driveway.

WILLIS RD 7/20 Shell station. Masked suspects entered the store, displayed a handgun and demanded money from the register. One of the suspects also demanded cigarettes. Upon obtaining the cash and the cigarettes, the suspects left.

ALFALFA LN 7/21 Bellwood Maisonette Apartments. The front door of a residence was kicked in and the interior rummaged through.

STATUTE ST 7/21 Courthouse Green Apartments. The residence was entered through an unlocked window and items were stolen.

DAWNSHIRE RD 7/15 Bellwood Elementary School. Entry to a vacant trailer at the school was forced through a window.

REMUDA DR 7/19 DuPont Village. The victim reported property stolen from her red 2003 Hyundai.


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