Police Blotter

HAWKHILL RD 6/26 Oak Run. Suspects exited the suspect vehicle, pistol-whipped the victims, and fired some shots into the air. The suspects then drove off.

ALFALFA LN 6/26 Bellwood Maisonette Apartments. The victim said he was walking near the listed location when he noticed three subjects following him. As he turned toward them, one of the suspects cut his arm. The suspect and his associates then ran off.

FALLING CREEK AVE 6/26 Two explosive devices were located at the listed location.

GETTINGS LN 6/25 Patterson Park. The suspects entered a vacant residence, without permission, to “stay cool,” and were found inside.

CLIFFWOOD RD 6/19 Meadowbrook Manor. Unknown suspects kicked in the front door to the residence and removed property while the owners were on vacation.

EVELAKE RD 6/24 Kingsland Gardens. Unknown suspect/s entered through an unlocked rear bathroom window and took cash and two weapons.

TINSBERRY PL 6/09 Tinsberry Trace. Property was taken by unknown suspects. Entry was gained by either kicking in the front door or prying screens off of windows and subsequently breaking them out.

WILLIS RD 6/24 Gravel Pit Farms. Property was taken from locked containers, sheds and trailers at two businesses. A locked gate had its padlock cut, along with locks to all areas entered.

WILLIS RD 12/24/09 Gravel Pit Farms. Unknown suspects entered trailers and a cargo container belonging to a business and took property. The initial thefts occurred six months ago and were unreported.

COUGAR TL 6/19 Harrowgate Park. Property was stolen from a storage room of the concession stand. Entry was attempted by stomping a hole in the roof, but was ultimately gained by prying open a locked door.

JARRET CR 6/26 College Park. Entry to a residence was attempted by kicking the back door. Nothing was taken.

KENTSHIRE LN 6/26 Ascot Pointe. Two unlocked vehicles were entered and property was reported stolen.

PACES FERRY RD 6/25 Ascot Pointe. The victim reported property stolen from her unlocked 2005 Mazda.

POPLAR VIEW PL 6/25 Ashley Forest. Office equipment was reported stolen from the victim’s unlocked silver 2003 Nissan.

COGBILL RD 6/25 License plates were reported stolen from the victim’s 1992 Toyota.

JEFFERSON DAVIS HWY 6/01 Shady Hill Trailer Park. The victim reported license plates were stolen from her vehicle.

JEFFERSON DAVIS HWY 6/26 A North Carolina license plate was reported stolen.

CYRUS ST 6/26 Kings Forest. An unlocked 1998 Mitsubishi was reported stolen from the victim’s driveway.

EDGEWOOD DR 6/26 Timsberry Gardens. The victim reported two dirt bikes stolen from his driveway.

IRONBRIDGE RD 6/26 The victim said she was walking near the listed location when the saw the suspect following her. The suspect grabbed the victim, forcing her to the ground, and took her property. The victim was able to run off and contact her boyfriend, who called police.

HOPKINS RD 6/28 The victim had just withdrawn money from the ATM and returned to his vehicle when the suspect approached, demanding money. The victim immediately sped off, leaving the suspect behind.

MAGNOLIA AVE 6/28 Noweta Gardens. The victim returned home to discover the rear door open and items missing from inside the residence. No signs of force were found.

CLIPPER BAY DR 6/22 Harrowgate Place. The victim died of injuries sustained at the listed location.

OLD BEACH RD 6/25 Miller Pipe. An enclosed utility trailer containing equipment was stolen from the construction site at the listed location.

BERRYBROOK DR 6/26 Meadowdale. Items were stolen from the toolbox that is kept in the bed of the victim’s 1994 silver pickup truck.

GARY AVE 6/27 Searcy. Suspect/s entered the victim’s locked 2003 Ford F-150 and removed items from inside.

TIPTON ST 6/25 Milhorn Tract. Suspect/s entered two unlocked vehicles and stole property from inside.

MOUNTSHIRE LN 6/27 Mountclair at Southbend. Lug nuts were stolen from a vehicle, possibly where suspect/s were attempting to steal the tires.

GOOLSBY RD 6/28 Heritage Court Apartments. Suspect/s broke out the rear window of the residence in order to gain entry. Items were reported missing.

JEFFERSON DAVIS HWY 6/26 Parkway Trailer Park. Unknown suspect/s entered the complainant’s unlocked trailer and removed property from inside.

RIVER RD 6/29 Entry to the residence was forced through a side door where damage was found. Once inside, the suspect/s rummaged through the interior, taking various items.

JARRETT CR 6/25 College Park. The glass was broken out of a rear door in order to gain entry to the vacant residence. Nothing was reported missing at that time.

SHADY LN 6/28 DuPont Square. A white 1995 Ford Ranger was reported stolen from the victim’s residence.

TIMSBERRY CR 6/30 Broadwater Townhouses. Suspect/s entered the residence through an unlocked door and removed items from inside.

ENON CHURCH RD 6/30 Mount Blanco. Unknown suspect/s kicked in the rear door to the residence and stole items from inside.

BALDWIN RD 6/29 Graves Hills. The complainant arrived at the residence and discovered the front door has been kicked open.

CHESTER RD 6/29 The victim reported miscellaneous property stolen from her unlocked 1999 Plymouth Voyager.


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