Police Blotter: June 23, 2010

SIR SAGAMORE DR 6/12 Kingsland Woods. The victim’s residence was entered, possibly using a key. Several areas were disturbed, but nothing was taken.

BRIGHTWOOD AVE 6/12 Central Park. Suspect/s entered the residence through an unlocked front window. Nothing was missing.

WELDON ST 6/12 Brookside. Suspect/s forced entry to the victim’s locked shed and removed two dirt bikes, a 2008 Kawasaki and a 2003 Suzuki, from inside.

W GURNEY CT 6/12 Kendale Acres. Money was stolen from the victim’s unlocked truck.

TILEHURST CT 6/12 Kendale Acres. Property was stolen from the victim’s vehicle.

JEFFERSON DAVIS HWY 6/11 A known suspect was left in the vehicle while the victim went inside the hotel to rent a room. The victim later discovered several items missing from the vehicle.

ELOKOMIN AVE 6/14 Bellmeade. The victim’s purse was stolen from her unlocked vehicle.

BESSIE LN 6/11 Entry was forced to the victim’s locked vehicle and miscellaneous property was stolen from inside. A window was broken out.

CREEKBED RD 6/14 Swift Creek Estates. The victim’s unlocked vehicle was entered and miscellaneous property was stolen.

MILL RACE CR 6/11 Shady Creek. Miscellaneous property was stolen from the victim’s Cadillac.

W HUNDRED RD 6/12 Harbour East Village. The victim said the chain securing her four-wheeler had been cut and the four-wheeler stolen. The four-wheeler had been stored in the common area at the front of the mobile home park.

MEADOWDALE BL 6/13 Regency Lake Apartments. Unknown suspect/s attempted to steal the victim’s 1987 Oldsmobile.

JEFFERSON DAVIS HWY 6/13 The rear window on a 1974 Dodge Charger was smashed and the ignition tampered with.

SOUTH (ETTRICK) ST 6/11 U-Save Car & Truck Rental. Windows to two vehicles, a 2007 Hyundai van and a 2008 Chevrolet Aveo, parked at the business had been broken out. The ignition to the Hyundai van had been popped also.

BEULAH RD 6/12 Chester Towne Square. The victim was approached by suspects asking for change in the parking lot. As the victim took out his cash, one of the suspects grabbed the money from his hand. When the victim attempted to get his cash back, the other suspect raised his shirt to expose the handle of a handgun and told the victim to leave.

PLANET RD 6/14 Regency Lake Apartments. The victim returned home to find her rear sliding glass door open and the sofa moved. Property was reported stolen.

GERMONT AVE 6/14 Bellwood Heights. The victim returned home to find suspect/s had entered through a locked rear door. Money was discovered missing from inside.

JEFFERSON DAVIE HWY 6/14 Bellwood Manor Motel. The victim’s trailer was stolen from the location and later recovered in Richmond.

MEADOWBURM DR 6/14 Meadowdale. Unknown suspect/s entered the victim’s unlocked vehicle and rummaged through the interior.

GATESGREEN DR 6/14 Courthouse Green. Property was stolen from the victim’s unlocked vehicle.

TILEHURST CT 6/14 Kendale Acres. Suspect/s entered the victim’s unlocked vehicle and removed items from inside.

SEMINOLE AVE 6/14Halfway House Height. Suspect/s entered two unlocked vehicle in the victim’s driveway, stealing change from one and attempting to steal the stereo from the other.

MARTINGALE RD 6/04 Colonial Ridge Apartments. Miscellaneous property was stolen from the victim’s locked Ford Explorer sometime between June 1 and June 4.

CRICKLEWOOD DR 6/14 South Pointe Landing Apartments. The victim had just parked his vehicle and taken trash to the dumpster when one of the suspects approached, asking the time. As the victim reached into his pocked for his cell phone, the second suspect came up from behind and put a choke hold around the victim’s neck. Once the victim fell to the ground, the suspects took his property and walked off.

PANNIL ST 6/15 Ettrick. The side door to a vacant residence was forced open and property was removed.

VERDICT CT 6/15 Courthouse Green Apartments. Responding to a suspicious person call, officers located the suspect, who admitted to entering the victim’s unlocked vehicle.

WHITEPINE RD 6/15 A 1993 Honda was stolen from Richmond City and recovered at the listed location. Property was missing from the vehicle.

BARRISTER RD 6/14 Courthouse Green. Bushes beside the victim’s fence were set on fire.

HAWKBILL RD 6/15 Oak Run. A locked vehicle was stolen from a driveway. Broken glass was found where the vehicle had been parked.

PLANET RD 6/15 Regency Lake Apartments. The victim arrived at the address to deliver pizza. As the female suspect took the pizza, the two male suspects displayed handguns and took his cash.


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