Keep your dogs cool this summer

Chesterfield County Animal Control recently released the following information on how hot weather can be dangerous for dogs:

  • It only takes 10 minutes on an 85-degree day for the inside of a car to reach 102 degrees, even when the windows have been left open an inch or two.
  • Within 30 minutes, a car's interior can reach 120 degrees. When the temperature is a pleasant 70 degrees outside, the inside of a car may be as much as 20 degrees hotter.
  • Shade offers little protection on a hot day and moves with the sun.

Those pets most at risk for overheating are: young animals, elderly animals, overweight animals or those with short muzzles and those with thick or dark-colored coats. Animal Control encourages owners to leave their pets at home in hot weather.

If a dog is overcome by the heat: Bring down body temperature by soaking the animal in cool – not ice – water, but make sure water does not get into the mouth or nose of an unconscious animal. Seek immediate veterinary care.

It's against the law to leave a pet unattended in a parked vehicle in a manner that endangers the health or safety of the animal. An animal cruelty conviction could result in a jail sentence and/or a fine. Report animal cruelty to Chesterfield County Animal Control.


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