Five Ways to Squeeze the Pulp out of the Chesterfield County Fair

by Marly Fausz

People wait for it each year-- that Pepe Le Pew moment when the scent of funnel cake makes you lose yourself in the colorful lights and sounds of the Chesterfield County Fair. Well, it’s finally here.  Experience the magic this Friday, August 22 through Saturday, August 30.

At just $5-8 for tickets (and kids three and under get free entrance), this is local, affordable entertainment you don’t want to miss. Check out Village News’ Top Five ways to experience this year’s fair.

  1. Early Bird Special.  Even at these great entry prices, things add up fast. That’s why you should hop over to Martin’s to take advantage of half price ride wristbands at $12.50 each (typically $25). These  are on sale now and will give you and yours unlimited access to 40 different rides, valid Sunday 8/24 through Wednesday 8/27. It’s highly recommended to eat after rides and thrills to have the best experience. Otherwise, pack the Pepto in your handbag.
  2. For the “Been there, done that” Family. This year, favorites like Hogway Speedway Race Pigs, animal displays  and the Tiger Encounter Show have returned, but there are new, exciting attractions that are perfect for both the experienced and novice fair-goers. Things you didn’t see last year include a livestock exhibit, Wade’s Big Bear Show, camel rides, Kiddie Land rides and NASCAR-style racing cars for the big and small. For a full list of daily attractions, pick up a Chesterfield County Fair premium guide at any library in the county.  Tip: the attractions are lined-up so you don’t have to walk too far between each show. Grab a map when you arrive and follow the side-shows in a clockwise fashion depending on what’s live when you arrive.
  3. Finger-Lickin’ Fair. Satisfy all your favorite fair-food cravings in one location-- deep fried, on-a-stick, ooey, gooey, barbecued, dipped in chocolate and just plain deliciousness.  Food is one of the top reasons people visit the Chesterfield County Fair and this year you will not be disappointed.  The Village News staff especially enjoys deep-fried Oreos with a side of ice cream. Be sure to do an extra lap around the midway after indulging!
  4. Rock out every night. Rock, country, funk, soul-- no matter what you’re into, you’ll find it at the Chesterfield County Fair.  This year’s line-up boasts sounds you can boogie down to like American Pride, 7 Bridges, Southland Band, The Pizazz Band Lindsay Erin, Keith Henderson, Pat Cantrell & High Country and the Flashback Band.  If music isn’t your cup of tea, perhaps you’d enjoy GXW Pro Wrestling or the Miss Chesterfield County Pageant.  All concerts and stage shows are free with entry. The complete schedule is available in the premium guide or visit
  5. Make it a Date Night.  Chris Ledoux said it best: “Ain’t nothin’ I know of, can make you fall in love like a night at the county fair.” Grab your partner and set off for a night of laughter and loving like when you didn’t have a care in the world.  Make it a challenge with this checklist: 1) dress the part in overalls and a cowboy hat; 2) Win a prize; 3) Kiss on top of the Ferris Wheel; 4) Hold a pet or exotic animal; 5) Practice your best auctioneering voice 7) Eat something fried; 8) Get your face painted; 9) Make up your own livestock judging rules; and 10) Give your date a “Best in Show” ribbon for your favorite trait of theirs. You’re sure to feel like a teenager again after a date night at the fair.

No matter how you chose to experience the Chesterfield County Fair, there is something for everyone.  Find all of the above thrills at the Chesterfield County Fair Grounds at 10300 Courthouse Rd. where there is abundant parking across the street at L.C. Bird High School. 


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