Recently deceased

ANDRESS, Walter M. Jr., of Chesterfield, husband of Betsy Andress.
BLAYLOCK, Marjorie C. Collison, 67, of Chesterfield, widow of Bill Collison Sr., and Tom Blaylock.
CRAIG, Dalene K., 71, of North Chesterfield, widow of Harry L. Craig.
FLOYD, Melvin E. “Pat,” 81, of Chester, a Korean War veteran of the U.S. Navy, husband of Anne Elizabeth Peterson Floyd.
JAMES, Sandra Lucas, 54, of Chesterfield, wife of Douglas C. James Jr.
JOHNSON, Wenona Alspaugh Tuck, 99, of Chesterfield, widow of Thomas W. Tuck, and Edison F. Johnson.
KLEEHAMMER, Nell Cannon, 72, of Chesterfield, wife of Larry A. Kleehammer.
LAMM, Alice Roxanne Mason, 54, of Chesterfield.
LAMPERT, Nancy A., of Chester, wife of Charles Lampert.
POETZSCH, Virginia “Sis” Carper, of Chesterfield, widow of James L. Poetzsch.
RAIKES, Delores “Dee” Tyler, 81, of North Chesterfield, wife of Ralph S. Raikes.
SMITH, Arthur Lee “Smitty,” Jr., 72, of Chesterfield, husband of Augustine J. Smith.
SNEAD, Warren, 73, of Chesterfield, husband of Elfi Snead.
SNOW, Veronica “Ronnie” Lynn, 49, of Chesterfield.
THOMAS, W. Rodney, 47, formerly of Chesterfield.
VERNON, Hilda Haden, 88, of North Chesterfield, widow of Sidney H. Vernon.
YEATTS, Fred T. Jr., 82, of Chesterfield, husband of Mary Ann Daniel Yeatts.


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