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Hello and welcome back to the wonderful but befuddle world of the Dogpound.  Well, actually to tell the truth, I am a little more than upset with my car insurance.  I will not mention names here, but I have been with them a very long time and they pulled a stunt that I was not very happy about.  

I got a letter in the mail asking me to join their new safe driving program and I could save “X” percentage instantly by signing up.  It would not be a big money savings for me, but I do like to save money.  From what I could tell from the form letter, they would install one of those driving trackers that monitors your driving habits.  Per the website they would monitor acceleration, braking, how often you drive, and driving over 80 mph.  Now that seemed like money in the bank for me.  

I have a 2004 Honda CRV with almost two hundred thousand miles on it, so acceleration was not going to be a big issue and I live close to work, so I don’t drive that many miles. As for driving over 80, I would be taking my life in my own hands; talk about shake, rattle and roll!  [LOL] Not happening!  

So I stop by the nearest agent and I tell him that I would like to sign up for this new program.  With it being so new he was not really up on the program and had to go into the back and to retrieve the promotional package they had received.  He pulled one of the brochures out and started reading it…then he read my letter…then he read the brochure some more.  

After several minutes he said, “I don’t think this is going to save you any money.”  I said, “What?  I do not understand.”  

Then he proceeded to tell me that this program was not free…you had to buy and pay for the monitoring device which would cost three times [based on the age of my car] what I would be saving on my “X” immediate discount.   I told him that nowhere did it say on the letter or on the face of the Web page that you would have to pay for this service [well, I guess if you have a new car with all of the fancy wireless gadgets like On-Star or SYNC it would be a free service...maybe] and the agent even admitted that nowhere on that letter was it made clear that you would have to pay for this service and this service would cost you more than the yearly discount.   Grrrrr!  

Not happy and of course I did not take them up on this safety program which was as far as I can now determine, a sneaky way to get more $$$ over and above their insurance premiums and it also allows them more ways to use your driving behavior against you when you go to them for a claim.  I can see it now.  “Why are you refusing my accident claim?” the insurance customer asked.   “Well,” the agent said without looking up from her monitor, “You drove over 80 mph on Feb 7.”  

“How does that even apply? This is a parking lot accident that happened on August the 8.  I drove over 80 once in the past 12 months. I had to get my pregnant wife to the hospital to have our baby delivered,” I said.

“I am sorry but you did it once…you could do it again; and, oh yes…your premium will go up an extra $100 starting the first of the month.  Thank you for using ‘We Insure Ourselves First’ and have a good afternoon,” said the agent.

I have run out of room here so better wrap this issue up.  As always be good, play safe, and remember to always drive safely.

JR and Max


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